A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 663

Zoe was stunned for a moment.

She immediately kept her distance and said, “I’m sorry for waking you up.”

After they reunited, Zoe seemed to be always apologizing to him.

It felt as if she greatly feared provoking him.

Jay swallowed past his dry, parched throat.

He was a light sleeper and did not sleep much during the night. Moreover, it was not easy to fall asleep
with Zoe in his arms.

He finally felt sleepy at daybreak.

He released Zoe from his embrace and leaned her gently against the wall. He was afraid that if she
suddenly woke up, she would be appalled at how intimately they were leaning against each other.

He sat in another corner, leaning against the wall, and fell asleep.

“The sky’s turning bright. The staff should be reporting to work soon,” Zoe said as she stood up and
stretched out her limbs.

It was indeed uncomfortable sleeping on the floor the entire night.

“I’ll take a look outside,” Zoe said as she headed out.

“Zoe,” Jay called out.

Zoe stopped in her tracks and looked at him.

“The buttons… on your shirt,’ Jay said, as friendly as he could.

Zoe looked down and saw that the first two buttons on her shirt had come undone, effectively affording
anyone with an easy view down her chest.

“Oh, thanks.”

Zoe buttoned up her shirt, feeling unperturbed.

‘There’s nothing to be embarrassed about,’ she thought.

It was not as if Jay had not seen her body before.

After Zoe was decent, she made a move to leave. She paused in her tracks, as if something came to
mind, and turned around to say to Jay,” Perhaps it’s better for you to address me as Ms. York. That
might help us avoid public speculation about us which might affect the program.”

Jay felt his chest tighten but he said, “Sure.’

With that, Zoe left without so much as saying goodbye.

Soon after, staff started streaming into the building.

Some of them spotted Jay and immediately helped him into the lounge, aware that his condition made
moving inconvenient for him.

That was also when Jay found out that the power outage last night was because of circuitry issues,
which were too complicated to resolve in the middle of the night. Therefore, repair works only began at
dawn and were only just completed.

When the directors of the TV station heard about Jay being trapped in the office building the entire
night, they apologized profusely to him.

Nobody cared about Zoe and showed her any concern.

That was the harsh reality for her.

After Zoe left Jay, she found a lounge and lay down for a nap.

There was no point for her to head home.

If she did so, she would not be able to make it back here in time.

Since it was still early, she decided to find some place comfortable and go back to sleep.

She could sleep anywhere as long as she wanted to.

Before she made herself comfortable, she borrowed a spare charger from one of the staff members to
charge her phone and set an alarm.

At nine in the morning, when the alarm rang and she woke up, she finally felt more alive and energetic.

She went to the washroom to clean herself up before heading to the rehearsal room.

When she arrived, she saw Wynn already inside. He was earlier today.

Clearly, he was aware that time was running out for them.

He greeted Zoe enthusiastically the moment he saw her, “Hi Zoe! Have you had your breakfast yet?”

“Not yet.”

Coincidentally, she did feel rather hungry.

“Come on and join me!” Wynn said warmly.

Zoe did not stand on ceremony with him.

She was impressed with all of Wynn’s breakfast options, which were wholesome yet low in calories.

They were all great choices for female celebrities.

Things were better for male celebrities who were comparatively less strict in their diet.

“Hah, I didn’t buy these,” Wynn immediately clarified when Zoe began showering him with praises.

“Did Candice buy them, then?”

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