A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 662

He knew that Zoe was afraid of the dark, but because of his leg condition, he wasn’t able to move fast.

He held his phone loosely in his hand.

When he heard movement in front of him, he hastened forward.

Before he could reach the source of the sound, he felt someone push him down on the floor.

His phone fell from his hand as he lost balance and collapsed on the ground.

Before he could make any sound, Zoe yelled in pain next to him.

He bore the pain shooting up his leg and grunted.

That was when Zoe calmed down.

He was unable to get up because of his right foot and his walking stick which fell a distance away from

He asked Zoe for help to search for his phone.

In the process, Zoe stepped on him a couple of times.

He even suspected that Zoe did it on purpose.

When he heard her walking further away, he thought he was finally safe from her stomping.

Who knew that the next moment, he felt her falling right on his chest.

The impact of her falling on him nearly killed him.

Most importantly, Zoe accidentally kissed him when she landed.

It was a tiny peck that was gone before he knew it.

Yet, it didn’t fail to set his heart thumping.

Subsequently, Zoe found his phone which turned out to be wrecked from the fall.

But Jay was rather glad with the situation.

He was glad to be with Zoe.

He found it even better that they were surrounded by darkness.

But, he could sense Zoe’s anxiety.

Firstly, she was afraid of the dark.

She also had an entire day of rehearsals scheduled the next day, and she needed lots of rest.

Finally, she probably did not want to be around him at all.

So, Jay offered to help Zoe find her phone.

Yet, when he finally found it, he realized that it was out of battery.

Jay was at his wit’s end.

It wasn’t that he felt like his efforts had been in vain, but rather, he didn’t want to disappoint Zoe.

He went back to where Zoe was and sat along the corridor.

She sneezed and he offered her his clothes.

He tried to put aside the thought that she might despise everything he had.

As he had expected, she cared none for his offer.

It was only until now, when she was deep in sleep, that she was willing to lean into his embrace,
completely unguarded.

He hugged her tighter, greedy for her warmth.

He knew that the moment the day broke and she woke up, she would be gone.


Zoe felt sore all over.

Did she fall asleep?

What time was it now?

It looked like the sun had risen.

She moved her arms and legs around.

Her joints were all stiff.

She turned around and saw Jay still asleep next to her.

When she stood up, she realized that Jay’s jacket was over her shoulders.

She clearly remembered rejecting his offer last night!

Did Jay put his jacket over her after she fell asleep?

Inexplicable feelings surged across her chest.

She’ll take it that he was simply being chivalrous.

Zoe took off his jacket and put it back on Jay’s shoulders.

She did it very gently, for fear of waking him hard.

She didn’t dare to offend anyone, and in fact, had to learn the art of bootlicking with anyone who could
help her climb the ladder of success in her career.

She didn’t expect to wake Jay up.

His eyes opened and stared right into hers.

They looked into each other’s eyes for a moment longer.

Jay’s eyes were still bleary with sleep and he was still in a daze as he stared sleepily at her.


He called out as his eyes glazed over.

It was in a low, lingering tone.

At that moment, his innocent call of her name sounded rather suggestive.

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