A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 661

“No, thank you.” Zoey rejected him politely.

Jay did not ask her any further.


He was being phony after all.

The night stretched on, and Zoe did not even know what time it was.

She pondered the terrible prospect of sitting here the entire night.

Putting aside all else, she was worried she might catch a cold from the chilly night.

If that happened, how would she be well enough to participate in the second round of the competition?!

Zoe was feeling anxious inside, but she did not dare to express her fears.

After all, there was no point in feeling anxious.

Right now, both of their phones could not be used to call others for help.

What’s more, it was so dark around them. There was nothing she could do.

Zoe sighed.

She managed to compose herself after the surge of emotions.

She rationalized with herself that having overcome things that were way more difficult to swallow, like
acknowledging the wrong woman as her mother, such a small issue like being trapped in a building in

pitch-black darkness was nothing.

Since she could not do anything about it, she decided to make the best out of the situation.

‘Don’t fear,’ she told herself. ‘The night will pass very soon.’

After Zoe thought things through, she decided to just stay put and wait.

She leaned against the wall along the corridor, trying to find a comfortable position to snooze.

Tomorrow was yet another full day of rehearsals with her partners. If she lacked sleep, she would lack
energy and that would affect the quality of her performance.


Right now, she was most afraid of offending others.

Zoe shut her eyes and tried to fall asleep.

She was a self-confessed snooze junkie.

Three years ago, when she was deep in the entertainment circle, she would often complain about the
lack of sleep.

She did not understand how people could survive on so little sleep.

People like Jay would often sleep for less than six hours in a day.

She, on the other hand, could sleep through the entire day if no one were to wake her up.

After many earth-shatterings things happened to her, she felt rather thankful that she was naturally able
to sleep well.

When she was deep in sleep, all those unhappy things would temporarily vanish.

She expected herself to fall asleep quite quickly after all the excitement tonight.

Zoe finally found a position she was comfortable in, wrapping her arms around her knees and burying
her face in it for warmth.

She shifted herself around and forced herself to fall asleep.

She had given her best during the rehearsals today, toggling between crying emotionally and laughing
hysterically. It was truly exhausting.

So after Zoe quietened herself down and accepted her fate for the night, she fell asleep in no time.

Jay sat in a spot not far from her and thought that he was hearing things when he heard soft snoring
sounds coming from her.

Zoe had been on the verge of collapse just minutes ago. Yet now, she had fallen asleep?!

He could not help but call out to her. ’Zoe?”

No response.

The snores became louder, and Jay suddenly chuckled.

It was very characteristic of Zoe indeed.

She had always been a heavy sleeper since young.

As a child, she would often stay in bed and refuse to go to school.

As he listened to her steady breathing, he wondered if he should be envious of her.

Jay took off his jacket, reached out in the darkness, and put it over her shoulders.

She shifted around a little.

Jay thought that he had woken her up.

The next moment, he felt a warm body falling into his embrace.

Jay did not dare to move an inch.

His body went stiff and his heart pumped harder.

Zoe found a comfortable position in his arms and fell back into deep sleep.

Jay had no idea how long he sat frozen in position for.

He almost did not dare to breathe, for fear of waking Zoe up.

He knew how much effort she had put in for the next round of the competition.

He appeared at the TV station today, once again.

In name, he wanted to check on the progress of all the actors, but he knew deep down that he was
here for Zoe.

She was working way too hard, and he was worried that she would not be able to physically take it.

Indeed, he found her still rehearsing by herself at ten at night.

Even the staff of the TV station had knocked off.

He kept his eyes on her through the surveillance camera in the rehearsal room and wanted to chase
her away many times. But each time the urge arose, he chose to stay where he was.

Who was he to Zoe right now?!

And then, the blackout occurred.

He just saw Zoe leave the rehearsal room and assumed that she did not make it out of the building in

Jay left the surveillance room in search of her without any hesitation.

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