A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 659

In the midst of screaming, Zoe heard a familiar voice.

“It’s me.”

“Jay Parker,” the voice said in a low tone.

‘Jay Parker?!’

Zoe was stunned for a moment.

So that thing was Jay.

No, no. Jay wasn’t a ‘thing’.

All right.

Regardless of whether it was a ’thing’ or not, what was Jay doing here?!

Did he need to rehearse his scenes in the middle of the night as well?

“I dropped my phone when you pushed me just now. Help me find it, it should be nearby,” Jay told her.

Zoe furrowed her brows.

Could he not look for his own phone?!

How could she find it in this darkness?

But she agreed at that moment.

How could she dare offend Jay?

That would immediately cut off all paths in the entertainment industry for her.

She tried to walk around in search of his phone.

The moment she stepped forward, she heard a suppressed grunt from Jay.

“I’m so sorry.” Zoe immediately apologized.

She probably stepped on him.

Zoe was flabbergasted at how dark everything was. A power outage had cut off all sources of light and
made everything so dark that she could not even see her fingers before her.

“I’m fine.”

Zoe veered off a little.

She seemed to have figured out the spot that Jay had fallen on.

She could not understand it. Why did he not just get up?

Oh, right.

He broke his leg.

It was quite a terrible situation.

Zoe tried her best to avoid Jay as much as she could in the darkness.

However, she took two steps and accidentally tripped on something that felt like a walking stick.

She lost complete control of herself and fell forward.

But when she landed, it did not feel as painful as she expected it to be.

She felt something soft on her lips, as if she had touched a part of Jay’s body…

She truly did not mean to fall on him.

It was a completely ridiculous situation.

Her collapse on him made Jay grunt even louder in pain.

It truly hurt, after all.

Zoe immediately got off Jay’s body. “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry…”

Jay did not respond to her for a long time.

He was probably mad.

If it were her, she would be mad, too.

After she got on her feet, she continued searching for Jay’s phone.

She finally managed to find it, but unfortunately, the screen was smashed from the fall and the phone
was unresponsive.

What a lousy phone this was!

It was completely wrecked.

“Is it spoiled?” Jay asked.

“Yeah. Take a look.’

Zoe stretched her hands out.

Neither of them could see each other in the darkness.

Neither of them could see where each other was, and where the other person’s hand was.

They groped around in the darkness for a while.

Suddenly, Jay’s hand touched Zoe’s face.

The moment that happened, Jay’s hand immediately jerked away.

“I’m sorry…”

“It’s all right,” Zoe said, but she found it rather hilarious.

It was not a big deal, touching her face momentarily like that.

Did Jay have to react so strongly?!


She was not going to make him take responsibility for it.

She did not do it three years ago, and she would not do it now, three years later.

Zoe finally passed Jay’s phone back to him, and he held it in his hand and tapped on the screen
several times.

The phone remained unresponsive, refusing to provide them the light they desperately needed, and
they remained enveloped in darkness.

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