A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 656

“Can I not tell you?” “It was so painful for me to see you two get together at my expense, and yet you
two did not stay together? Shouldn’t you feel bad about it?”

“I’m sorry.”

“Since you are sorry about it, at least let me know the reason so that I know the reason why I lost you
back then.” Bob pursued the matter.

“It’s just…sigh, how do I put it? If I told you that I asked Jay to put up an act with me because I felt
inferior and not worthy of you, would you believe me?” Zoe started babbling.

“Do you take me as a three year old?”

“No, but that’s the truth.”

“Zoe York, you’ve never been someone with an inferiority complex.” 1

“That’s all in the past. The moment I left the Levine family, I felt more and more inferior about myself.
Each time I was with you, I felt so much pressure. I thought it was better to cut short the pain instead of
prolonging the agony, so I asked Jay for help.”

“Just because of some so-called pressure?”

“And also because I realized that I truly didn’t like you that much.”

Bob once again felt daggers piercing through his heart.

Even though three years had passed, the wound in his heart still felt tender and raw. i

“I was facing so much pressure and I didn’t even like you that much…so I decided to just break up with

“All right, that’s enough.” Bob did not want to harp on the subject any longer.

It had been three years since then.

‘Til be hanging up, then.”

“Don’t just disappear into thin air next time. No one will look down on your past.’

“I won’t do that in the future. After all, I want to depend on myself and carve out a path for myself! One
day, I’ll be on an equal footing with all of you.”

Bob chuckled.

Although Zoe had disappeared for three years, she did not change one bit.

She was still as bubbly and lively as before.

“I’m hanging up. I’ve reached home,” Zoe said hurriedly. “I’m going to get out of the car.’



Zoe hung up and could not help but heave a huge sigh of relief.

She looked at her own reflection through the car window.

Life was a drama, and what a drama it was turning out to be!

The next day, Zoe left home first thing in the morning to take public transport to the TV station.

Now that she had progressed to the next stage, she had to prepare for the next round of competition.

Most of the actors were busy memorizing their scripts at the station. There were many scenes where
they had to practice with their partners, and Zoe was assigned to a three-person team.

The segment they had to perform turned out to be one of Jay’s famous movies, which was the first
movie which Cora debuted in, and Zoe played Cora’s character.

Because they were assigned to an excerpt of the movie, the characters featured were all on par and
there was no main actor or actress in particular.

Zoe was the only one in the rehearsal room when she arrived.

As for her other two partners, one was busy filming and only available in the afternoon while the other
was abroad and would only return three days later. 1

They were given one week to rehearse their scene.

Rehearsing a scene required a partner, especially for live programs, which differed from studio filming.
The director could call for a cut in studio filming, but not in this case.

But of course, Zoe could not rush them over.

That meant that she was left with too much time on her hands.

She was the only one without work and without a partner to spar with.

She sat quietly in the rehearsal room, pondering about her character and practicing her lines.

In the afternoon, one of her partners, Candice Lowe, arrived.

As they were going through their lines, Candice said, “I heard that Wynn will only have time to join us
three days later. Wouldn’t that be too rushed for us?!’

“He said that he would practice his part of the performance when he has time and he’ll practice with us
after he’s back.”

“Let’s hope that really happens.” Candice was clearly not optimistic.

This caused Candice to slack off as well, and she even told Zoe that she would join her after Wynn’s

As such, Zoe ended up being the only one practicing to herself in front of the mirror in the rehearsal

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