A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 649

Smiling faintly, Zoe made no reply.

She knew very well that everyone here was her competitor.

If one performed badly, one would become more popular.

She had now started to plan her upcoming arrangement.

After the performance of the first show, all actresses were invited to the stage to have the first round of
the election.

A few people were chosen behind closed doors.

Undeniably, there would be illegal affairs in all shows, though most people were still fair.

Only fifteen people would stay out of the thirty people.

Zoe stood in a relative corner spot at the back. She had no expectations of herself.

The competition rules of the first round of elimination were very simple and direct. Some judges
discussed and made choices. The ones whose names were called could stay while the others were
asked to leave.

Zoe heard others’ names one after another.

It was now the last name.

The host paused for a while.

At that time, Zoe had turned to look in the direction in which she should leave.

She was standing at the extreme edge of the stage, so she should leave first if she was eliminated
later. If not, she would block the others behind her.

“Zoe York!” the host announced loudly.

Zoe was stunned, and the others were shocked too.

She did not perform well that day. Besides, the judges did not give her very good comments.

They had thought of who would advance to the next round, but they did not expect it to be her.

Zoe did not expect it either.

When her name was read, she thought that the host had read it wrongly. She gave the host a look to
affirm it. After the host gave her an affirmative answer, she was still filled with lingering fear as she
walked toward the crowd who had advanced to the next round.

At that moment, she was overwhelmed with flattery.

Frankly, she felt that there were actresses who performed better than her from among the ones who
had been eliminated.

However, it was a variety show. It was also very important to have some topics of conversation about
that show.

She went missing three years ago and now she came back suddenly three years later. She could
become a hot topic, so they let her stay for observation.

If she could become popular, then they still held some expectations of her. If she did not become a hot
topic, she had to leave in the next round.

“Congratulations to the fifteen actresses who have successfully advanced to the next round. Thank you
to the other fifteen actresses for your amazing performances again. Please clap for them.”

The host had been trying to keep the atmosphere well.

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being here with us as well as the audience in front of the TV.
Let’s meet again next week.”

The host announced that it had ended.

The remaining fifteen actresses on the stage immediately walked toward the judges to shake hands
with them and thank them, trying to act friendly with the judges.

Zoe was one of them. She could not behave differently than others, and it was so hard for her to stay.

After all, she had to earn money by acting. It was not much different to act before the TV or in real life.

She shook hands with all the judges from left to right.

The first person was Cameron, who said, “Zoe, you have to try hard.”

It meant that she did not advance because of her acting skills.

“Yes, I will.” Zoe immediately nodded and acted humbly.

She then took the initiative to shake hands with Hailey, who said to her strictly, “Zoe, I have
expectations of you. You have to adjust your emotions well and give me your best state.”

“Okay, Ms. Zimmerman. I’ll try my best.” Zoe acted submissively.

She then walked toward Jay. They met each other’s eyes again, and Zoe took the initiative to say, “Mr.
Parker, I’ll look forward to your guidance and advice.”

While talking, she bowed and took the initiative to shake hands with him.

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