A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 650

Jay looked at the hand before him.

Was it because of her makeup? Her hand seemed slightly rougher.

Zoe’s hand stiffened in the air awkwardly because Jay did not respond for a longtime.

She thought that he would pretend in public.

After all, he shook hands with every actress before her.

Unexpectedly, he still resisted her so much.

Smiling, she retrieved her hand in a seemingly very composed manner. She then walked past him to
Harry. She was again inferior and humble.

She did not notice that Jay had stretched his hand out after she left.

He then slowly retrieved his hand.

After the actresses greeted the judges, they returned backstage.

Zoe sat in the public makeup room to remove her makeup, where Claire was doing the same too.

She had advanced to the next level and was one of the first few ones to do so.

Although the host explained that the name list of the actresses who had advanced to the next level had
no placing, they were arranged according to placing.

Zoe was the last one.

“Congratulations, Zoe. You advanced too.” Claire seemed to be very happy for Zoe.

“I got lucky.”

“How so? You have the strength.” Claire tried to flatter Zoe.

However, it sounded slightly sarcastic.

Her performance that day could never help her advance at all.

But she said nothing more about that and echoed Claire’s words briefly.

Her attire was slightly complicated, so she was the last few people to leave the makeup room.

When she walked out, she heard some whispers in the corridor. “I’m sure Zoe used some connections.
If not? We think that you should’ve been the one who advanced. Your acting skills are better than hers.”

Someone was filled with indignation, and Zoe did not want to get into trouble.

Currently, she had kept away all her sharp edges for the sake of her life and dream, so she instinctively
wanted to escape when she heard that voice now.

She decided to leave from the other side of the TV station. However, she accidentally bumped into a
trash can in the corridor and caused a loud noise.

That noise soon attracted those actresses, who had not left since they were gossiping.

Zoe looked at the trash can on the floor helplessly.

Well, she was greatly humiliated.

Great awkwardness engulfed her. She decided to pretend that she heard nothing and left.

“Zoe, did you use some connections?” The actress who spoke just now suddenly interrogated Zoe.

Would they believe her if she claimed that she did not?

She did not even believe that herself.

However, she indeed did not take such a step.

She knew nobody in the entertainment circle now. Whom could she go to?

She did not even have the money to use connections either.

“You’re so despicable!’ When the actress did not hear Zoe’s retort to her, she felt that Zoe had quietly
and tacitly consented to it. So, the actress sounded much more righteous. ’Do you think you can walk
far after using a connection? At most, you’ll get kicked out in the next round. Why are you so smug?”

Zoe wanted to claim that she was not smug about herself at all.

She was not smug at all. She just wanted to leave now.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” That actress flew into a rage while talking alone.

“You guys won’t believe me no matter what I say,” Zoe said at last.

“You don’t respect us. We’re your seniors no matter what.”

“You’re older than me, but you guys aren’t necessarily my seniors given the time you enter the
entertainment circle,” Zoe said seriously.

“Do you think you’re still the past Zoe? You even claimed to be our senior. How ridiculous!”

Zoe was struck speechless.

Finally, she knew how a normal statement could be twisted until it no longer carried her intended

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