A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 645

“I took a brief rest.” Zoe did not say much about that.

She also did not want to talk about her past experiences

People in the entertainment circle were no fools. All her jobs were canceled and her work was
removed. She was even banned. So, she must have offended someone powerful in the entertainment

Claire did not ask any more about that before she changed the topic and said, “Alas, this is the first
time I’ve been so nervous in ten years of filming. Zoe, are you nervous?”

Zoe nodded and answered honestly, “I made a few mistakes yesterday, and I couldn’t fall asleep last

“Me too. I made a lot of mistakes during the rehearsal yesterday. I’m afraid the same thing will happen
today.’ Claire echoed what Zoe had said. “The rules of this competition stipulate that the judges will be
the ones who will pick candidates in the first round. After the primary election, they’ll then start the
competition. It’s where the audience will vote. I’m afraid that I can’t even pass through the first round.

“I heard that Mr. Parker came to pick the candidates for his next film. Well, I won’t dream about the
position of the heroine. He has an exclusive heroine, but there are so many interesting minor roles, and
he’ll pick them in this show. I want him to pick me so much,” Claire added.

“By the way, I remember that you seemed to have acted in Mr. Parker’s film before,” Claire stated.

“It doesn’t count if it’s not shown to the public,” Zoe replied lightly.

“That seems to be true.” Claire smiled faintly before she added, “But you have a bit of friendship with
Mr. Parker, don’t you?”

“No.’ Zoe quickly denied that. “There are so many judges today. He’s the only one who won’t pick me.”

“Why? Why do you think so?”

Zoe made no reply.

“Do you guys hold grudges against each other?” Claire blurted out.

However, Zoe remained silent, and Claire felt that she had asked too many questions.

However, she felt slightly lucky since Zoe claimed that Jay would not pick her.

Claire had taken the initiative to chat with Zoe because she wanted to inquire about the situation and
see the possibility of her advancing to the next round and getting picked by Jay.

The actresses who joined that show were not famous, and the only most competitive one was Zoe. She
was just too famous in the past, but she was banned later. Now she made a debut again, so she could
not be regarded lightly.

Besides, the TV show was not that popular, so they invited Cora to be the honored guest in the first
show to perform a special performance. It was to make the show more popular.

After they had put on their makeup, they were waiting to get on the stage.

Everything was prepared well on the stage.

There were a thousand spectators at the scene, which made the whole competition more nervous and

The judges took their seats first.

There were a total of four judges. Other than Jay, there was an actor and director, Cameron Moore.
There was Hailey Zimmerman, who enjoyed high prestige and gained many big rewards of being the
best actress. Another judge was the newly-arisen best actor, Harry Campbell, who enjoyed a lot of

When they took their seats, the audience soon cheered enthusiastically.

Consequently, the actresses backstage became more nervous. They cheered each other on.

After all, they had to keep a harmonious state in front of the camera even though they were

The host introduced the judges as well as the competition before the competition started officially.

Thirty people came to join the first round of the show.

Half of them would be eliminated from this round, while the remaining half would compete against each
other in every episode of the show.

Zoe was arranged to perform in the middle.

She had been acting for so many years in the past, but she had never been so nervous.

Now her palms were filled with sweat. She suddenly lost confidence in herself while watching others’

She never felt that her acting was worse than anyone in the past.

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