A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 643

Cordy’s heart was filled with yet another sense of bitterness.

She touched Richard’s head slightly and made a promise. “I’ll take good care of you.”

“Mommy, I’ll take good care of you too.” Richard smiled sweetly.

After that, they seemed to have reached a tacit understanding, and they never mentioned Lucas.

Half a month passed by, and Sean called and asked her when she was going to the capital.

She had promised his grandfather the other day that she would stay in the capital for a while that

As expected, she could not make promises casually.

Though she did not feel like going, one should not break their promise. Besides, Richard was on a
winter holiday now, and Sean had even specially asked her to bring Richard along.

Hence, Cordy could only agree to it. Luckily, Richard had a winter camp these few days and he would
be back a week later, so she could delay their trip there until next week.

She went to negotiate some business at North City TV.

They were the ones who provided the costumes invested for Actors on Set. Now they were about to
start shooting the show, so Cordy had to go there again to confirm the time and location for the
advertisement. It was slightly different from what they had agreed upon previously, and the company’s
superiors failed to resolve it. Hence, she had to go there on her own.

She drove and arrived at the door.

The people from the TV station were already there. When they saw her get out of the car, they quickly
went to her and invited her to the TV station.

When she stepped into the elevator, her eyes moved slightly. She seemed to have seen a familiar

Hence, she quickly pressed a button to open the door of the elevator.

However, when she looked over, she found no one there.

“Ms. Sachs, is there something wrong?” the superiors of the TV station immediately asked her.

“I saw a familiar person just now. I might have been mistaken,” Cordy answered lightly.

So, the superiors did not ask her anything more about it.

The door of the elevator was closed again.

However, Cordy was still perturbed. She questioned, “What place is it if you go to the right?”

“It’s a shooting room. They will start shooting Actors on Set today, so the whole TV station is lively. This
TV station is rather far back, so the shooting room and the office aren’t separated. We’re still re-
adjusting it. I’m sorry about that, Ms. Sachs” the superior quickly explained.

Cordy nodded slightly to show that she did not mind that.

Was it an illusion?

However, that figure looked so real.

She rubbed her temples slightly.

She had been mistaking people for others during this period.

It was the same with Lucas and now Zoe too?

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