A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 642

Richard was left biting his tiny lip.

So, Lucas was really not his father?

He should know that he should put his faith in science too.

Nonetheless, the voice on the other end suddenly added, ‘The only possible room for error is a mistake
in samples. We’ve actually had that issue before.”

“How so?” Richard was at once excited.

“As in, the samples you provided us were not the samples of the intended test subjects,” the voice
explained. “For example, you wanted a paternity test between yourself and subject A, but it turns out
that you provided us with a DNA sample of yourself and subject B. We’ve had that issue before, but
otherwise we had not seen other errors.”

“Alright, thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Thank you for your inquiry.”

Once he hung up, Richard started thinking about the hair sample he sent.

He would rather believe that he sent the wrong strand of hair, than the fact that Lucas was not his

Hold on!

He realized with a start as he remembered that he knocked into Winston right after he got that strand of
hair from Lucas. Then, he found it on Winston, but it might have been Winston’s instead of Lucas’ hair!

That was the only possibility!

And once he understood that, he hurried downstairs to Cordy.

She was left staring at him in wonder-had he recovered already?

Children’s ability to heal physically and spiritually were certainly strong!

She was actually worried for a moment there.

Nonetheless, Richard asked her, “Mommy? Is Lucas ever coming back?”

Cordy frowned-he was never going to give up, was he?

“No, he won’t,” she said with no uncertainty. “We only met by chance, and there won’t be any
opportunities for us to meet ever again. I hoped as much as you do that your daddy is alive, Dicky, but-“

“Why won’t you trust me, Mommy?” Richard exclaimed, a little agitated right then.

“Science has proven it.”

“There has to be a mistake.”

“Dicky,” Cordy said, looking a little stern just then.

She had never been this strict with him, and even as Richard looked at her, his excitement slowly

“Don’t do anything pointless again, please?” Cordy continued seriously. “I don’t want to feel hopeful,
only to be let down again. Right now, I hope that having each other is enough and that we’ll live well
like your father hoped.”

Richard nodded.

He saw that his mother was upset and therefore decided to just give up on everything he wanted to

That included the possibility of sending the wrong samples and her contacting Lucas again for another
DNA sample.

But now, he did not dare to say anything else, with the knowledge of how much pain she felt because
of his daddy.

Even if he was dead sure that Lucas was his daddy, what if he was really not?!

That would make her even sadder, and he would rather give up than hurt her.

“I’m sorry, Dicky.” Cordy suddenly apologized, sensing that she might have been a little too harsh,
especially with a sensitive child like Richard.

But he was a really great kid.

“You don’t have to apologize, Mommy-1 was just too excited. You’re right…

We can do very well even without Daddy.”

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