A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 639

Cordy was driving home when she realized why Richard was behaving unusually-he obviously wanted
to set her up with Lucas.

Her son had been convinced that Lucas was John and was therefore single -minded about getting
them together.

But despite knowing that, she did not want to rain on Richard’s parade Richard was a major reason for
her to live right now, after all.

Therefore, she had no reason to refuse anything that made her son happy- as long as it did not violate
her principles, naturally.

When she returned to the mansion, Richard was already having lunch with Lucas.

Noticing that she returned just then, Richard quickly called out to her,” Mommy! Lucas said he’s hungry,
so we started without you.”

“That’s fine.” She smiled, putting down her bag and heading to the dining room.

Lucas never once looked up, while Richard said with slight disappointment, “He also told me that he’s
leaving for the capital after lunch.*

“Yeah, I know, Cordy replied and turned toward Lucas with composure. “I will ask Winston to arrange a
car for you later.”

“Thanks,” Lucas said evenly, but nothing else.

Richard sighed as he watched their exchange.

He was just ten, but he had this feeling that he would become a specialist in love because of his

After lunch, Lucas headed to his room to start packing up to leave.

Cordy did not actually have anything pressing at work and had no intentions to return to her office
considering that Lucas was leaving. She planned to lie down in her room a little and had just arrived
upstairs when she saw Lucas stepping out of his room.

Their eyes met for a moment, but there was no telling who averted their eyes first.

The weird silence between them was just a little strange, though neither took notice.

“Safe travels,* Cordy said flatly and nonchalantly.

Lucas completely ignored her, but just as they passed each other, Cordy inadvertently sprained her leg.

She was about to fall forward when Lucas quickly caught her… and then loosened his grip.

Cordy, who just heaved a sigh of relief, landed flat on the ground with a loud thud.

She would have expected a fall if Lucas did not catch her and be prepared for it, instead of landing
directly on the nose and starting to bleed from it.

She thought she would not fall when Lucas caught her, and she certainly did not anticipate the ensuing
surprise of landing flat on the floor.

She really wanted to murder him right then-what on earth did she do to him that he seemed so bent on
giving her a stroke?!

As Cordy looked up, her nose was bleeding and her eyes were welling with uncontrollable tears of

If looks could kill, Lucas would already be dead.

Lucas held her gaze in turn, feeling a little guilty.

He had on idea why he reached out for a moment, only to withdraw his hand the next.

When he touched Gordy’s body, his chest seemed to quiver, and he released her in the next instant.

He really did not like that feeling, but he did not expect Cordy to take such a terrible tumble either.

The blood from her nose was quickly gushing all over the floor.

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