A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 626

Lucas was speechless. How could he explain to Richard that he was not his daddy?

“Have some warm milk, Daddy. It will warm your stomach,’ the boy said then, eagerly passing his own
glass of milk to Lucas.

Lucas was unable to reject the child’s kind gesture. ‘Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Daddy,” Richard replied, flashing a tame smile just then.

It somehow left Lucas with a mental burden, as if it would traumatize the child if he turned out not to be
his father.

But he really was not.

Taking a sip of warm milk, he ruthlessly reminded Richard, “I’ll be gone after breakfast.”

“Okay.” Richard nodded tamely.

“We probably won’t see each other ever again,” Lucas said, making himself very clear to stop Richard
from having any expectations.


“Because I’m not your daddy,” Lucas said, slowly and deliberately.

As Richard’s expression darkened, Lucas steeled himself to continue, “I understand very well how you
feel, and I understand that you miss your daddy-but I’m not him, and I can’t love you like he did.”

“I don’t need you to love me. I’ll love you and that’s enough.”



“Take care of your mommy,” Lucas advised in a heartfelt manner. “Without your daddy, you and your
mommy only have each other now. You’re a young man, and you should take responsibility for caring
for your mommy, so you should pay her more attention instead of some ungrounded fantasy. H

“Is there something you can’t tell us? Is that why you can’t acknowledge mommy and me?”

“No. It’s just that I’m not your daddy.”

“Did you… lose your memories?” Richard pressed.

In reality, he did not listen to Cordy and went to bed early as told. Instead, he went online to find out
why a person would lie and had most hits on two results: the first was that something that weighed
down the person, while the other was memory loss.

“How do I explain this to you?” Lucas sighed feebly then.

“Just get to the point,” Richard replied, looking utterly innocent.

Lucas was not sure if he should laugh or cry. “Anyway, I’m leaving soon, and I won’t ever be coming

“Are you really going to leave Mommy and me? She’s missed you so much over the years,” Richard
said, his eyes red with tears.

Even though he was a small man at five feet two, he looked utterly miserable when his eyes turned red
as he continued, “Mommy never forgot about you. She always stayed strong in front of me, but I’ve
noticed that she has been crying alone when no one’s around. She also suffered from severe stress

and could never fall asleep naturally, losing sleep everyday and had to consult a shrink, but that never
worked much. He even said that her health would continue to deteriorate if this keeps up.”

Lucas quietly listened to Richard telling him everything while sniffling.

Cordy actually suffered from insomnia?

But she was sleeping well now, wasn’t she?

She especially slept like a log when she was sleeping with him!

Could it be that Cordy was only able to sleep if she was hugging him in his sleep? Was that why she
climbed into his bed?!

When he realized that, Lucas did not know if he should be amused or annoyed-in the end, he was just
a tool!

“Mommy never sleeps this late. That’s a fact, even with sleeping pills.” Richard’s eyes welled with more
tears as he continued. “But her insomnia is better because you came back, Daddy. What’s going to
happen to Mommy if you leave now? Her shrink said that this has to stop.”

He would never dare mention any of that in front of Cordy, because he knew that she insisted on
staying strong in front of him.

And he refused to let her know that he knew everything and make her uncomfortable because of that.

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