A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 619

Lucas was left staring at Cordy—was she some sort of demon of logic?

“You have five minutes to consider. Either do it my way-pay him off to settle the issue and I will post
bail, or do it your way-file a lawsuit to maintain your innocence. In the case of the latter, I’ll leave right

Cordy certainly did not want to waste time.

Lucas was in turn left pursuing his lips, obviously reluctantly to go with Cordy’s solution.

However, he had the misfortune of spending enough time with Cordy to know that she walked the talk-
and he did not want to stay the night at the precinct.

With that, he did not hesitate further and growled through his teeth, ‘TH pay. H

Cordy was not at all surprised in turn, since the smart ones would always pick this option-for them, any
amount of money was spare change, whereas time was far more precious.

“Don’t say a word later. I’ll handle it for you,” Cordy added as a condition.

Lucas nodded, deciding to fully cooperate just then.

As Cordy and Lucas returned, the man was still trying to win sympathy points with the police, looking
like he needed more punching.

Forget Lucas-even Cordy was starting to feel like the man was getting ahead of himself.

In fact, once he saw them return, he started yelping again, ‘It hurts everywhere… I’m going to need a
full-body checkup at the hospital, I think I have an organ or two injured…”

“How much do you want?” Cordy asked, straight to the point and suddenly adopting an imposing

The man was left staring at Cordy, her suddenly menacing presence stunning him for a couple

However, he was soon exclaiming in disbelief, “Are you trying to humiliate me with money?! No, I don’t
need money—I won’t give in no matter how much you pay me! Get on your knees and apologize, or I’m
not letting this go!”

Lucas was immediately furious when he heard the man.

However, Cordy quickly caught his wrist to stop him from an outburst and did not seem to notice the
skin contact between them.

Then, she said, “Fifteen grand.”

The man’s eyes clearly lit up, but he soon hesitated and growled through his teeth, “Don’t think you can
humiliate me with your stinking money—”

“Thirty grand.”

“What?! Do you think you can do what you want just because you’re rich-“

“Seventy-five grand.”

The man’s mouth was still open, but he could not speak at all just then, clearly unable to say no.

He was staring at Cordy, as if studying her if she was messing with him.

In fact, despite the serious bruising he was given, it was all just flesh wounds. It was certainly not worth
seventy-five grand!

“Seventy-five grand to settle the issue,” Cordy repeated determinedly right then.

“Are you serious?”

“Of course.”

“Okay,” the man agreed immediately. “Pay me right now, and I won’t press charges.”

“Your bank account number.”

The man promptly took out his bank card, and Cordy whipped out her phone to type in the bank
account number.

The man was in turn staring at her as she worked, his eyes widened so much they were almost falling

Nonetheless, Cordy just typed in the amount when her finger suddenly paused, hovering above the
‘confirm’ button.

The man’s heart seemed to leap up his throat, and even as he watched Cordy, he could not help
urging, “Confirm it already! There’s no mistake with the account number-l checked.”

“I can wire you the money, but you must apologize to my friend for what happened tonight.”

Cordy was determined.

Beside her, Lucas seemed to blink, and he glanced at Cordy but said nothing.

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