A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 613

Cordy sighed grumpily. “He refused to.”

“Then, how about I change seats with you?’ Patrick suggested.

Cordy blinked.

Why did she not think of that?!

Thank goodness Patrick was sharp!

“Okay.” Cordy agreed to it right then.

Patrick eagerly got up and went straight to Cordy’s seat.

When Lucas turned to see Patrrick sitting down beside him, his expression clearly darkened.

Patrick was suddenly in a good mood, since he had been quite annoyed by Lucas’ conceited bearing,
but he clearly won this round.

Cordy was in a good mood as well. Still, she never did expect to have her mood so heavily affected by
such a trivial man.

The plane soon took flight toward North City.

While Lucas was reading a local paper and appearing quite serious about it, Patrick asked, “Can you
read Zidonian?’

Lucas ignored him, but Patrick ignored his indifference and pressed, “You might be able to understand
and speak it, but it doesn’t make you literate.”

“My father is from the capital,” Lucas growled impatiently.

“Oh, mixed ancestry.” Patrick nodded, muttering, “Not surprising that you’re better looking than the
average person.”

Lucas did not respond to Patrick’s acknowledgement of his good looks, however, since he was used to
bewitching both men and women with his good looks.

“Wait, is that why you act so proud, like you’re above the rest?” Patrick asked then.

Lucas pursed his lips, clearly at the limits of his patience.

“Oh, and don’t think your good looks are enough to leave everyone smitten, ” Patrick added. “Cordy
won’t fall for you, so don’t try to hit on her.”

“I’m not interested in Cordy,” Lucas replied icily, clearly grouchy.

“No? Then what’s with that scowl when I came to sit here instead?” Patrick asked, exposing Lucas right
then. “We’re both men, and I could at least see through your intentions-you’re definitely aiming for her.”

“Do you think I’m like you?!” Lucas scoffed. “Liking strays you pick up off the street?!”

“Did you just call Cordy a stray?! Are you that blind?! She’s perfect!” Patrick retorted with righteous

“She’s really not,” Lucas said indifferently, glancing sideways at Cordy to the back as he spoke.

She was already reclined against her chair and asleep.

Lucas then remembered how she nuzzled against his chest last night…

“You’re just being sour grapes!” Patrick snapped, very much skeptical that Lucas was uninterested in

Patrick was convinced that any man would develop feelings for Cordy- even he, a man who liked men,
was eventually left on his knees before her magnificence, let alone a normal man.

“I’m not interested in skanks,” Lucas retorted sternly.

“Skanks? Did you just call Cordy a skank?! Are you really insulting her just because you can’t have
her?!” Lucas snapped sternly.

“Whatever, love-for-brains.”

“You insulted her and now me?! It hurts you to see others doing well, huh?!’ Patrick demanded.

Lucas was in turn fuming.

He growled coolly, “Shut up! Breathe another word, and I’m suing you!” “I’m not worried if it’s your
lawsuit.’ “What…!” Lucas glared icily at Patrick.

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