A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 611

Cordy and Lucas rode the same car back to the hotel.

Neither of them spoke along the way, staying silent as if they were two strangers sharing a cab.

They kept their distance when they returned to the hotel as well, heading inside one after another.

Even as they got in the elevator, they looked like they would rather die than talk to each other.

Arriving on her floor, Cordy arrived at her room and was about to open the door when Patrick suddenly
opened it, exclaiming, ‘Surprise!”

Cordy was left stunned even as fresh flower petals rained down on her.

The man was supposed to be more mature than this!

Why was a political elite behaving like a little boy around her?!

Seeing that she was speechless, he asked tentatively, “Don’t you like it?”


Patrick’s tone turned wounded. “I was thinking that it’d be a waste to throw those flowers I bought the
other day, so I plucked every petal to prepare a gift celebrating your discharge from the hospital.”

Cordy actually imagined him crouching alone on the floor, carefully plucking the petals just then.

There was no question that she was occasionally cold toward him.

“Well, do you feel better now?” Patrick asked, changing the subject just then -he was never going to
hold a grudge against her anyway, which only left Cordy feeling guilty every time.

Still, she was not sure if it was not a tactic of his either, since politicians were as cunning as they were

In fact, she was distant toward him over the years, but he somehow managed to appear around her
constantly anyway.

Cordy sighed. “I’m fine. By the way, my flight is at 4 PM-I have to get to the airport after lunch.”

“I asked your assistant to book me on the same flight,” Patrick said eagerly. “So? Are we calling room
service, or are we going to a restaurant?”

“Room service.”

“I’ll make the orders.”

With that, Patrick took Cordy’s hand to lead her inside, but he suddenly paused and turned.

Cordy turned as well and saw that Lucas was still standing nearby.

She forgot that she was with him, and knowing him, he did not like to watch others getting rowdy—he
was the type who hated to meddle in others’ affairs.

However, even as he watched her and Patrick, he suddenly sneered with considerable disdain.

Cordy frowned in turn. No matter what the situation, that look of disdain alway infuriated her, even as
he snorted and strode past them.

“What’s his deal?” Patrick was a little upset too. “It’s like he’s above everyone else!”

So it was not just Cordy herself-no one could stand Lucas’ conceited reaction.

“He must think being good looking is all there is to it!” Patrick kept rambling on. “What is he getting
smug about? There’s a lot more goodlooking men out there! I used to like men, and I would’ve looked a
little if I still swung that way. But I’m not interested in men now!”

Cordy was speechless-she was watching as Patrick ogled Lucas for a long while, never once blinking
even after he headed inside his room!

Still, Patrick seemed to notice Cordy’s judgmental look just then and promptly turned away. “Look, I
was looking because I just thought he resembles John Levine a little. Dont you agree?”

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