A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 608

Cordy couldn’t help lamenting at how unfair the gods were- why did Lucas still look so attractive when
he was clearly so disheveled?!

“I’m warning you, Cordy-don’t make a sound while I’m sleeping,” he snapped tempestuously, before
cursing. “F*ck!”

Cordy didn’t know why he was being grouchy-what was so upsetting about being woken up?

She went through the same thing, but she wasn’t at all upset.

Unbeknownst to her, Lucas had almost gone the entire night without sleep.

Cordy had no idea what mischief her hands were up to after she fell asleep, with her fingers crawling all
over his body…

Any man would be in shambles!

Even so, Lucas bore with it the entire night; it was morning when he succumbed to his drowsiness and
fell asleep.

However, the doctors doing their rounds entered just as he closed his eyes.

He had to work so hard to restrain himself from flipping out!

Next time, he would never allow his conscience to get the better of him. He certainly asked for it!

As he pulled his blanket over himself and went to sleep, Cordy stayed silent despite her annoyance at
his outburst.

She quietly picked up her phone to check the time.

She must admit that she had slept very well last night; even though she was woken abruptly, she felt
reinvigorated- something she never felt for a long time.

It even felt better than sleeping at her shrink’s office.

Her heart skipped a beat; she couldn’t help but sneak a glance at Lucas.

To think that she slept so well, hugging him at that…

“Keep staring at me, and I’ll gouge your eyes out!” he suddenly barked.


Cordy really wanted to spit an expletive.

Did he have eyes growing over his back? How could he tell that she was watching him?!

Worst of all, his temper was terrible—she had a better impression of him for a moment, but it now all
went up in smoke!

Cordy turned and kept her back to him, and fiddled with her phone to vent out her frustration.

Her phone rang, but Cordy hung up almost by instinct.

Lucas appeared to shift a little from annoyance, but he didn’t say anything as he was almost falling

Cordy muted her phone and quickly texted Sean: [Is something the matter?]

Sean replied: [Why didn’t you answer my call?]

[I’d rather not talk. My throat hurts.]

[Still having a cold?]

[Feeling better now.]

Cordy refrained from telling him that she was admitted to a hospital, since she could imagine every
Cranston coming to visit her if she did.

She wasn’t bothered to explain why she was with Lucas if they saw her with him. Most importantly, she
didn’t want to have to deal with each and everyone of them.

[When are you leaving North City? I’ll give you a ride.]

[It’s alright. I had my assistant book me some tickets-l can get home on my own.]

[You really don’t need me to take you home?]

Sean almost sounded disappointed.

[I promised Jesse I’d come again next month. You can come get me when the time comes.]

Sean didn’t press the issue at that point. [Okay. Take care of yourself.]


Cordy tapped out of Whatsapp, but her phone started ringing again.

Cordy hung up, and texted: [Text me instead. My throat hurts

-I’d rather not talk.]

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