A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 607

The night passed; Cordy opened her eyes, woken up by the motion in her ward.

She blinked.

It had been a while since she felt so terrible waking up, as she was usually wide awake after waking

On the other hand, she felt like she wanted to sleep in today; she actually slept very well last night.

She could clearly tell that she slept soundly for a long while, too.

As she opened her bleary eyes, still feeling muddled, she noticed many figures in lab coats filing into
her ward.

They turned out to be doctors doing their rounds. She answered every question that the doctor leading
the group asked her.

He didn’t say much and turned to leave, leading the rest out of her ward when he was done.

A nurse entered after they left. She took Cordy’s temperature and asked, “Made up with your boyfriend,
have we?”

It was only then that Cordy realized Lucas was in her bed as well, and hiding himself beneath her

He must’ve done so when the doctors came in, bothering him in his sleep.

“We knew you were a couple having an argument,” the nurse continued. “That’s why we tricked him,
saying he needed to stay with you as a hospital rule. He was fuming, but he agreed to it anyway-l

mean, it’s obvious he’s bad tempered, but he does treat you well. He kept asking us what was wrong
with you while he filed the paperwork for your admission, and if you have any other illnesses…”

Cordy could tell that Lucas was worried she would suddenly die, and he would be forced to take all the

“Well, your temperature’s normal, but the doctor said it’d be safer if we took a blood sample.”

The nurse took out a syringe, and Cordy bit her lip.

In truth, she was actually scared of needles even if it didn’t really hurt that much.

As the nurse did her work, Cordy couldn’t help herself from grabbing something beside her.

She couldn’t tell what it was, but she held on to it very tightly.

Fortunately, the nurse was skilled and was soon done.

“Put some pressure on it. Release it only after you stop bleeding,” the nurse told Cordy after she was

“Okay, thanks.”

The nurse smiled and left.

As the ward quieted down, an icy voice suddenly snapped at Cordy. “How long are you going to keep
pinching me?!”

It was such a sinister voice that it startled Cordy. She turned to find that she was still pinching Lucas
Lynch’s arm violently, and quickly let go of him.

He brusquely shrugged off the blanket and got up, glaring at Cordy with his beady-eyes, clearly having
woken up on the wrong side of bed.

Nonetheless, she seized the initiative and snapped, “W-What are you doing on my bed?!”

In reality, she remembered everything that had happened last night the instant she woke up—that she
was dreaming of John last night, and mistook Lucas for John.

Her hysterical tears must have affected Lucas’s sleep, so he had no choice but to sacrifice his own
body to hug her so she could sleep. She even remembered him saying that she could pretend he was
someone else for the night, and that she should get better soon and not involve him.

But now, she refused to acknowledge that Instead, she took the initiative to frame him instead of
suffering more of his contempt for it.

Lucas stared at her, and then laughed coldly.

“You really are an ingrate, Cordy Sachs!” he growled through his teeth.

Cordy’s heart skipped a beat.

John called her that before as well…

Her eyes welled with tears again, but she quickly blinked them back.

It was just a coincidence; she must never lose the initiative when it came to Lucas.

She straightened her back and snapped, “Get out of my bed, or I’m calling the cops!”

“Hah!” Lucas snorted in disdain, and got out of her bed with his bed hair.

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