A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 606


The single glance of stupor left Cordy’s tears running freely.

However, she remembered in the next instant that the man was Lucas and not John.

From the back, his resemblance to John was uncanny, hence why she mistook him for John-

Even so, her tears quietly drenched her pillow.

On the other hand, Lucas had a nagging feeling that someone was watching him from behind. No
matter how much he tried to ignore it, he could still imagine her wounded look. All he could think about
was that inconsolable misery he saw in her eyes when he pushed her away just now.

What on earth did she go through that made her look as if she had been abandoned by the whole
world, when could she have anything she wanted?!

And was it feigned? Was she pretending? If that was the case, she might even win an Oscar for it!

With that in mind, it only made sense that she managed to fool him.

He kept telling himself that; then, he sat up in his bed and turned to look at Cordy.

Nothing was clear in the darkness, but he seemed to see everything somehow-that she was crying
wounded tears very miserably.

He shrugged off his blanket and walked up to her.

She blinked but said nothing, seemingly calming down right then-completely different from the woman
who broke down right in front of him a moment ago.

Even so, he said grumpily, “Move over a little.”

Cordy stared at him, but didn’t move.

“Don’t make me regret this,” he growled threateningly.

Even so, she still didn’t move.

Lucas scowled-she really was calm under pressure.

Nonetheless, he arched his back to scoop her up in his arms.

Cordy’s eyes flashed in surprise, but she didn’t push him away.

In fact, she was as docile as an abandoned kitten.

At this, Lucas felt a pang of tenderness in his heart.

Even though he was quite rough when he picked her up and shifted her aside, his movements were
frighteningly gentle.

Once he put her aside, he lifted Cordy’s blanket and lay down underneath it.

Finally, there was a response in Cordy’s eyes. However, she pressed both hands against his body,
clearly rejecting him.


She wanted nothing less than to melt into him when she embraced him and kissed him violently a
moment ago; and now, she was rejecting him?!

He was making a huge sacrifice by forcing himself to sleep beside her!

“Push me again, and I’ll throw you off the bed. Believe it,” he growled viciously.

Cordy withdrew her hands.

“This is all because of your acting. I’ll give you points for that, ” he continued unreasonably. “But this will
happen just once, Cordy Sachs-for one night, you can pretend I’m the man in your heart, so go to
sleep. Don’t let your condition get worse tomorrow and make things harder for me! Make a full recovery
by tomorrow, and get discharged!”

With those words, he seemed to give in and gathered her in his arms, even brusquely taking her arms
and putting them around his waist. “You’re just lucky tonight. Now, sleep!”

Cordy bit her lip, intent on rejecting him since there should be an appropriate distance between men
and women.

She certainly didn’t want to have an ambiguous relationship with this man, especially when she had no
feelings for him.

Be that as it may, she could pick up John’s familiar scent from Lucas’s body.

She knew his personality was completely different from

John’s and that he would never be John, but she was reluctant to let him go as she relished the way he
held her.

Cordy gave up her wariness, and leaned closer to Lucas.

She would indulge herself for just one night and believe that John was still alive, and right beside her.

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