A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 604

Naturally, Lucas didn’t know who that person was, but he gave Cordy the benefit of the doubt—that she
really had someone she missed.

That, or her ability at seduction was far above the rest.

“I won’t get upset with you. Let me go,” he said, his tone now a bit milder.

Cordy shook her head stubbornly, however, and kept holding onto him very tightly.

“You’d be gone if I let you go…” she murmured.

“I’ll stay.”

“No…” There was even a pout in her tone, and she was brushing her cheeks against his thigh.

Lucas’s heart skipped a beat.

This accursed woman… Was she actually a succubus?!

Lucas finally had enough. He had every intention to push her away, when he looked down and saw the
satisfied smile on her face.

His hand paused.

He suddenly had this feeling that she carried an air of melancholy.

He couldn’t quite describe it, but she was broken inside despite her tough exterior—once she was quiet
or alone, she projected a sense of loneliness, as if she had been abandoned. The way she lowered her
gaze had a faint, lingering sense of sorrow that others couldn’t help but sympathize with.

However, Lucas also had the feeling that it was feigned to attract men; especially since he caught her
messing around with a middle-aged man earlier on.

And yet, the look of bliss on her face at this very moment seemed to refute that assumption.

“Damn it,” he muttered under his breath.

She was relentless, always dishing out new ways to humiliate him.

He should be indifferent towards her by all accounts, but he felt an inexpressible murmur in his heart
when he first met her.

And he hated that feeling-he certainly didn’t want any special feelings for other women, especially
when he already had a girlfriend.

It was why he was a little more hostile than usual towards Cordy.

Eventually, he pushed her away a little roughly; after all, keeping her company for the night was already
the most he can manage in making amends.

Come to think of it, she caught a cold because he provoked her so much she stormed out of the
restaurant, after which she had to wait for a ride over a long time on a winter night. He naturally didn’t
want to owe her, since he wasn’t so inhumane.

On the other hand, Cordy was panicking as the familiar embrace was gone.

In her dream, John was going further and further away; she couldn’t catch him no matter what she did.

“No… Don’t go…” she sobbed.

Lucas was unmoved, nor was he interested in continuing to deal with her.

But the instant he turned, he could feel her arms wrapping around him from behind.

Cordy was pressing her whole body on her back, and very firmly at that.

There were just two thin layers of clothing between their bodies, and Lucas could feel every nook and
cranny of her curves.

“Please, I’m begging you… Please don’t go…”

“Let me go, Cordy Sachs,” he said icily. “You have the wrong person.”

Anyone listening closely would be able to hear him panting slightly, but Lucas hid it well.

“Don’t leave me… I don’t want you to leave ever again…”

Cordy’s eyes were wet with tears as she nuzzled his back, and he could feel the warm dampness on
his thin pajamas… it was as stuffy as it tickled.

He took a deep breath, and kept restraining himself from pushing her way.

However, he wasn’t about to let her do whatever with him either.

He turned with considerable difficulty and tried to restrain her with both hands, distancing her from his
own body while telling her slowly but sharply, “Look closely, Cordy Sachs, and get your head straight.
I’m not the one you’re looking for, and don’t make a ruckus while someone else is sleeping -mmph!”

Lucas’s eyes widened as Cordy suddenly wrapped her arms around his neck, holding his face in place
and pressing her lips on his.


She moved so quickly, he couldn’t react in time at all!

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