A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 603

Lucas turned to lay on his side, keeping his back to Cordy.

Cordy followed suit; while she disliked his attitude, his words undoubtedly offered her slight relief.

If anything happened between a man and a woman in the same room, she would be the one who stood
to lose. As such, Lucas’s words gave her a mysterious sense of security.

The night was quiet, and Cordy seemed to hear Lucas’s breathing assuming a steady, regular rhythm.

He certainly fell asleep very quickly; when she thought about it, he really did put himself through the
grinder tonight.

Thinking about it that way, he wasn’t all that evil-despite his complete reluctance, he ultimately endured
it, and somehow ended up as her guardian.

Cordy turned around, since she really wasn’t used to sleeping in that posture.

When she did, she found that Lucas had already turned as well. In his case, he was sound asleep even
as he faced her.

It was too dark for her to see his facial features clearly, but that was also the reason why she found him
bearing even more resemblance to John.

Cordy bit her lip.

She knew Lucas wasn’t John, but couldn’t help staring at him.

Fortunately, he was asleep. She had no idea what inhuman obscenities he would sling at her, given his

As she quietly watched him for who knows how long, sleep eventually overcame her…and she
dreamed of John.

He was holding her, and that familiar scent of his filled her nostrils. It was so vivid that she couldn’t help
bursting into tears.

There were times when she forced herself to sleep, so that she could meet him in her dreams.

But she could never fall asleep, and that lack of sleep was the reason her health and spirit kept

The sudden terrible cold she caught may well have had something to do with that.

She clung on to John as tightly as she could, pleading to him repeatedly, “Please, don’t go… I missed
you so much…”

“Cordy Sachs!”

She could hear that familiar voice right beside her ears.

“I’m here. I’m here…”

“Wake up.”

“No. You’d leave if I did…”

“What are you talking about? Did your fever come back?” The voice sounded impatient.

Cordy frowned-John would never get impatient with her.

“Please don’t get upset… I don’t want you to get upset…” she purred adorably.

Lucas was staring blankly at Cordy as she wrapped herself tightly around him.

She really had moves, didn’t she?

He was woken up by her sleeptalking, since he usually was a light sleeper who would get up at the
slightest motion.

Cordy was mumbling unintelligibly and repeatedly. When he got close to wake her—to stop her from
making a ruckus- she suddenly wrapped her arms around him when he got too near.

He tried pulling her off him, but couldn’t.

Brute strength might work, but there was a gap in strength between men and women.

Also… He had this vague feeling that Cordy really was not pretending.

She was really anxious about losing him.

No, it probably wasn’t him.

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