A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 599

Lucas promptly argued, “I’m not a relative.

The doctor shot him a glare and asked bluntly, “Why are you dressed like a couple if she’s not your

Lucas was so furious, he could take off his coat right there and then.

“Why did you bring her to the hospital if she’s not your girlfriend?” the doctor pressed.

Lucas was going to explain himself when the doctor added,” Weren’t you kissing her just now?”

“I wasn’t kissing her!” Lucas growled, agitated.

Cordy knew that too, and she was awake when he leaned towards her.

However, seeing Lucas getting annoyed made her feel cathartic. She even looked at him in disbelief on

Lucas immediately sensed Cordy’s gaze. “Why are you staring at me like that? Did you really think I’d
kiss you?”

Before Cordy could speak, the doctor said, “It’s normal for couples to fight, but you should learn to
compromise. How much is one’s ego worth, after all? You’ll be regretting it so badly if she leaves you.”

“Look, I-‘

“That’s enough of that,” the doctor said, cutting Lucas short.

“Hurry up and get her checked in. The patient can go with the nurse to the ward.”

“Thank you, doctor,” Cordy said, smiling faintly.

She was beautiful in the first place, and her smile always dazzled. Now that she was sick and her smile
appeared fragile, one would feel sympathetic for her. The doctor himself was left stunned for a brief

Lucas smirked as he stood beside them-she was quite the natural seductress, wasn’t she?

Still, he left and got her admitted to the hospital.

After a little bit of work, Cordy eventually lay down on a luxurious hospital bed. By then, it was already
the wee hours of the morning.

She was actually satisfied with how Lucas handled the paperwork. She had initially expected him to be
petty and get her the worst ward, one which she had to share with other patients.

She couldn’t help glancing at him as he handled the paperwork to get her admitted. Sensing her stare,
he bristled and growled, “What are you looking at?!”

In truth, Cordy couldn’t fathom why Lucas despised being stared at so much.

Was it really because he was too handsome even as a child, and got sick of it? Was that why he was
so psychologically averse to it?

Turning away, Cordy asked, “Why are you still here?”

“Did you think I want to stay?!” Lucas snapped.

Cordy frowned—what was that supposed to mean? Was the hospital stopping him from leaving?

“There’s a rule in this hospital that each patient must have someone keeping them company. What on
earth did I do to deserve this?” Lucas demanded.

“Wait, there’s actually a rule like that?” Cordy actually found that unbelievable.

“Ask them if you don’t believe me,” Lucas snorted.

Cordy naturally had no such intention, since having company was naturally better.

Lucas had a bad temper and was often annoyed with her; but after a night together, she realized that
he was very efficient when it came to getting things done.

Plus, it was precisely his disinterest in her that she could be at ease about being alone with him.

She was a business person, after all-she had no reason to refuse when she had something to gain
without losing anything.

“I want to take a bath,” she said, wiggling under her blanket.

After sweating buckets when her fever subsided, she was now in much better spirits and was keen to
clean herself up.

“Trying to seduce me?” Lucas’s eyes narrowed coolly.

“Would that work on you, I wonder?” Cordy said, used to his sharp words by now.

Perhaps because he had taken her here to the hospital tonight and kept her company, but her
impression of him now wasn’t all that bad.

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