A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 598

Lucas simply sat beside them as they worked, until the nurse turned towards him and instructed, “If she
isn’t sweating or the fever isn’t breaking in half-an-hour, press this button to call us.”

“…Okay,” he replied.

With that, the nurse left, leaving Lucas alone and watching Cordy, whose little face was furrowed.

Upon a closer look, he decided that she was attractive.

He usually never looked at others so closely, especially women.

In fact, he was a little sick of them.

And yet, as he looked closely at Cordy and acknowledged her good looks, he decided that it was not
surprising that she carried such confidence in the way she spoke to him.

Still, he suddenly remembered the man she was clinging to just this morning, and ultimately kept his

He took out his phone, fiddling with it to kill time as he sat beside Cordy’s bed.

Half an hour later, he reached out to put a palm on her forehead.

Perhaps because she had been sleeping on an ice pillow, but he felt that her temperature had dropped
a little.

He looked around, but found no thermometer-the nurse must have taken it away with her.

Hesitating for a moment, he eventually arched his back and leaned forward, and pressed his forehead
on hers.

He was so focused on trying to feel Cordy’s temperature that he didn’t notice her waking up. She
glared at him as she asked, “What are you doing?”

Her voice was feeble, but her tone was startling-Lucas flinched from shock, and quickly pulled away
from her forehead.

“I’m just trying to see if you still had a fever,” Lucas explained, his ears turning red for some reason.

Cordy sneered. “Are you really that nice?”

“I brought you here to the hospital!” Lucas snapped with righteous indignation.

Cordy merely watched him judgmentally, even less convinced.

When she tried to recall what had happened, she could only remember herself leaving her hotel room
and preparing to head to the hospital with the hotel staff help.

She seemed to remember running into Lucas, but she knew very well that she walked past him. In fact,
she ignored him even though he had been calling out to her.

She remembered nothing else.

Had she really fainted, and Lucas brought her here to the hospital afterwards?

Somehow, she was certain Lucas wouldn’t be that nice.

“Don’t look at me like that. Yeah, I wasn’t willing to help,” Lucas admitted. “The fact is, because we
wore the same down coat, people keep thinking that we’re a couple. I had no choice but to take you


Cordy actually believed that explanation, and said in turn,” Thank you.”

Although her opinion of him didn’t actually change, she had every reason to thank him out of politeness
since he had brought her here to the hospital.

Lucas was taken aback.

He didn’t expect Cordy to actually thank him, even though she knew that he didn’t do it voluntarily.

“I’m awake now, and I’m fine. You can go,” Cordy said bluntly.

Lucas didn’t want to linger either. Just as he got up to leave, the doctor and the nurse returned and
asked, “Did her fever break?”

“Yes,” Lucas quickly answered-he had just touched her forehead, and it was clearly not burning.

“You shouldn’t leave even if the fever has subsided,” the doctor said. “She’s still young, and she needs
a thorough examination. You’re a relative, so get her admitted. Only consider getting her discharged
tomorrow if there’s no other problems.”

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