A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 597

The hotel guest continued to snap at Lucas. “It’s just a lover’s quarrel-do you really have to go that far?
Young people these days really have no sense of responsibility or tact!”

Lucas took a deep breath, but there was no explaining himself right now.

Walking towards Cordy, he picked her unconscious body off the floor.

The instant he did, he could feel that her body was ablaze.

Was she trying to kill herself?

Lucas quickened his pace as he carried her off.

Cordy wasn’t fully unconscious in his arms, but her thoughts were muddled.

She felt as if she was in a car, which was moving rapidly.

At the same time, she felt a source of warmth beside her- she had been feeling cold the whole day, and
was shivering no matter how many blankets she put over herself.

Suddenly, a familiar sensation flared within her mind, and she wanted to get closer to it.

Lucas frowned.

Even as he carried Cordy into the car that the hotel arranged, he could feel her constantly pressing and

herself against him.

If her consciousness wasn’t muddled due to her fever, he would’ve suspected her coming on to him.

Still, if it actually was a tactic on her part, it was quite immaculate, if not a little cruel to herself.

In spite of his disgust, he spread his body so she could cling on to him easier.

It was a feeling he couldn’t quite describe.

For some reason, the first time he saw Cordy, his emotions were in turmoil.

He didn’t like that feeling, which inevitably led to an instinctive rejection towards her.

In reality, she never did anything to him. However, he kept thinking the worst of her.

And now, neither of them could see eye-to-eye.

Even so, he could not help asking the driver, “How much longer to the hospital?”

“Ten more minutes or so.”

“Can’t you go any faster?”

“I’m going as fast as I can,” the driver quickly replied. “It’s snowing a little right now-driving too quickly
would be unsafe.”

Lucas pursed his lips. “Just do your best.”

“Yes, sir.”

Lucas simply held on to Cordy, who continued to flare like a furnace. He looked outside the window, at
the scant snowflakes floating down from above.

He was surprised that the capital could be this cold—he wouldn’t have gotten the down jacket if not for

He lowered his gaze at it, a perfect match to the one Cordy wore…

He rolled his eyes.

No one would believe him even if he told them they did not know each other.

It took a while for the car to reach the hospital, and Cordy’s consciousness was still muddled by the
time they arrived.

Lucas wondered if she would have brain damage if the burning fever continued.

He carried her again, this time into the hospital’s emergency room. He barked at the nearest doctor,
“This patient needs emergency attention right now! She’s really burning up- please take a look at her.”

The doctor gestured for him to put her on the bed, and put a thermometer into Cordy’s mouth.

It shot straight up to red levels: 105.8 degrees.

The doctor’s face dropped, and he immediately wheeled on

Lucas. “How can you call yourself her boyfriend? She’s almost 106 degrees! Are you trying to kill her?!”

“She’s not…”

Lucas wanted to defend himself, but glancing between her coat and his, he decided against it. Instead,
he asked, “What are you going to do now?”

“Finally understanding the urgency of the situation, are we?” The doctor scowled. ‘Get a number. I’m
sending her for therapeutic hypothermia and giving her proper medication. Come back when you’re
done with the paperwork!”

“Okay,” Lucas replied, a little annoyed that he had to be yelled at for no reason in the middle of the

By the time he was done with the paperwork, Cordy already had ice pillows piled around her, while the
nurse fed her fastacting fever medicine and attached her to an IV.

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