A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 596

It was a hotel staff member, who brought Cordy her medicine. “Miss Sachs, if your symptoms aren’t
easing even after taking the medicine, you may call our front desk. We’ll provide transport to take you
to the hospital.”

“Okay, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Cordy closed the door.

She never had the habit of going to the hospital, and would usually recover from minor colds with just
some medicine.

She boiled some water and took her medicine before getting in bed again.

She shivered as she curled into a ball under her blanket. She already had layers of those, and she was
almost suffocating from the pressure.

She finally touched her forehead-why was this one so awful? How bad was her fever?

It had been two hours since she took the medicine, but she wasn’t sweating at all; her body
temperature wasn’t decreasing either.

What was more, it hurt like hell.

Cordy eventually gave in-it was the first time she needed the hospital for a cold.

Picking up the phone, she called the front desk. “I’m sorry, but I’m not feeling better. Please take me to
the hospital.”

“Okay, Miss Sachs. Just come downstairs in ten minutes- your transport will be waiting.”

“Thank you.”

Cordy hung up, feeling light-headed as she changed out of her clothes. She wrapped that thick down
coat around herself before leaving.

Suddenly, her vision started blacking out and her head spun.

She quickly leaned against the nearest wall and did her best to relax herself, taking another deep
breath before she started walking again.

That was when she spotted a familiar figure walking towards her.

Cordy bit her lip very tightly, and told herself that she mustn’t lose her composure at all in front of
Lucas-to not make herself a laughing stock in front of him!

Yet, even as she managed to force herself to walk past Lucas, he suddenly called out to her.

“Cordy Sachs.”

She ignored him, and kept going towards the elevator.


Lucas’s voice was louder since Cordy didn’t answer, but her pace quickened. He frowned.

Was she possessed?

Her cheeks were as red as a baboon’s bottom, and she was walking zig-zagged!

Did she get too drunk and was trying to escape?

Lucas stared at her from the back; suddenly, she wobbled and dropped to the floor.

That would probably really hurt if the carpet wasn’t so thick.

Still, Lucas was left wondering how a woman could allow herself to stay so undignified.

That was when one of the hotel guests in the vicinity snapped furiously at Lucas, “Hey! Your girlfriend
fell! Can’t you at least help her to her feet?!”

Lucas frowned. “She’s not my girlfriend.”

“She’s not? Then explain your matching outfits!” Lucas was speechless.

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