A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 593

The Cranstons all sat down together and enjoyed a calm, peaceful chat before having a meal together.

Cordy’s coat was much thicker now, but she still felt very cold and lethargic, which was why she kept

“Didn’t sleep well last night?” Jesse asked in concern. “I’ve been saying that the hotel is bad, and you
should stay here with us.”

“I worked a little late last night, so I didn’t sleep at the usual hour,” Cordy lied.

“Work never ends. Don’t work yourself sick,” Jesse told her.

“Yes, I’ll be careful.”

“Do you want to sleep in your room? I’ve had the servants prepare it for you, so you could stay here
whenever you come back.”

“It’s alright. I’ve agreed to have a business discussion with Maron later, so I’ll be leaving soon,” Cordy
excused herself.

She actually didn’t like being in the company of such a big family, even if everyone was friendly.

Naturally, that friendliness may be skin-deep-or perhaps because she posed no threat to them. It didn’t
hurt to be nice to her, either.

Even so, the truth was that the family discord amongst the Cranstons was nothing to be trifled with. In
fact, if Jesse wasn’t alive to keep an eye on things, his sons Liam and Paul would have long since
turned against each other.

“You’re leaving already?” Jesse asked, obviously reluctant to see her go.

“I’ve come to check out a fashion exhibition anyway, so there’s still much to do at North City,” Cordy
replied. “I’d take a leave to visit you next time.”

“When is that?” Jesse asked, seemingly tired of empty promises from her.

Cordy smiled. “Next month. It’s my annual leave.”

“That’s a promise.” Jesse smiled. “And stay here instead of at a hotel.”

“…Oh, okay,” Cordy reluctantly agreed-she had refused Jesse so many times that she started to feel
guilty about it.

At half past two, Cordy received a call from Maron and started to leave.

Jesse escorted her to Sean’s car, who was once again in charge of driving her.

And since Jesse did so, the entire family followed suit, leaving Cordy a little embarrassed.

She bade everyone farewell before getting in Sean’s car, breathing a soft sigh of relief as Sean’s car
slowly drove out of the front gate.

She was slightly overwhelmed, and felt very pressured.

“Was it really that stressful?” Sean asked as he drove.

“Mostly because we’re strangers,” she replied.

“Come by often to better know everyone, then.”

“I don’t think that’s a great idea,” Cordy said, reclining against her seat and leveling a look of aloofness
outside the window. “Keeping everyone at arm’s reach might at least maintain the status quo.”

“True.” Sean chuckled. “Where to?”

“Platinum Club.”

“You seem sick,” he told her, probably hearing the stuffiness in her exceedingly nasal voice.

“It’s fine. I’ll meet Maron, and go back to the hotel to take some sleeping pills.”

“Don’t push yourself.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve known that for a long time. I can’t count on anyone else other than myself,” she said.

“Smart,” Sean praised her.

He always had been pragmatic, and knew very well what he wanted.

After all, he was almost forty and a member of a grand dynasty-he must never let his emotions get the
better of himself.

Even though Cordy was closest to him amongst the Cranstons, she was at times confused why he was
being so nice-was it because Jesse asked, or because he had other plans in mind?

Either way, Sean wouldn’t hurt her as long as his interests were unaffected.

They might even happily coexist, too.

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