A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 589

Although Cordy picked a thicker set of clothes, she still felt a little cold after putting them on.

After musing on it for a while, she decided to go shopping for some thicker clothing with Sean.

Just as she stepped out of her hotel room and entered the elevator, she saw a familiar figure inside,
and was left lamenting that she had to run Lucas everywhere she went.

Lucas was scowling when he saw her too, and muttered sarcastically under his breath, “You really
know your timing.”

Cordy ignored him-there was nothing to say to despicable men like him.

The elevator descended, stopping halfway as many guests swarmed inside, seemingly from a tour
group of elderly women.

Cordy was squeezed further inside the elevator, and one of the elderly women knocked into her.

Cordy lost her balance, and fell squarely over Lucas.

She didn’t need imagination to expect more sarcasm from the man, and even steeled herself for it …
but it never came.

She frowned, and straightened herself away from him when she realized something.

He actually cared about being respectful-when there’s a lot of people around!

And she thought he didn’t give a damn how others saw him.

Nonetheless, things were getting rowdy in the elevator with the elderly women, and they occasionally
squeezed Cordy as they moved.

Although she did her best to keep her distance from Lucas, she couldn’t stand the elderly women
pressed against her either-in fact, she could barely stand the weight of the one who was currently
squeezing against her.

Just as she was about to tell the woman off, another voice spoke sharply from above her, “Ma’am,
could you be more considerate and not move around when you’re in an elevator? Stop shoving your
way back here!”

The voice was loud and impolite; once Lucas spoke, the rowdy elevator turned quiet immediately.

The elderly woman whom Lucas criticized wheeled on him and shot him a dirty look. “Young people
these days really are uncouth and have no respect for the elders. That’s why society is deteriorating!”

‘ Respect? Respect goes both ways, hag!” Lucas snapped, calling the woman hag instead of ma’am.

Even as the woman’s expression darkened further, he continued, “Why should I respect you when you
don’t respect me? Respecting elders may be good etiquette, but the younger deserve respect too! You
don’t even consider how fat you are-you occupy space enough for two people,

and the elevator is only so wide! Move some more, and the elevator will snap and drop straight down!”

“Y-You just called me fat!”

“I mean, aren’t you?” Lucas wasn’t holding back at all. “You’d crush me under that bod.”


“What? Can’t you see that you’re squeezing me?” Lucas cut her short, refusing to let her talk at all.
“Stand aside. You’re fat, but you’re not self-aware at all!”

“S-So what if I’m fat?! You’re miles away from me!” The woman was seething, stunned that someone
as goodlooking as Lucas would be so merciless with his words.

“Can’t you see that you’re squeezing my girlfriend?” Lucas suddenly said as he gathered Cordy into his
arms. “If you squeeze her, you’re squeezing me!”


“Not going to move, are you?!” Lucas’ voice only grew louder.

The woman huffed, but she moved two paces forward.

There was actually plenty of space, but she was so furious with the conversation that she kept shifting

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