A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 585

Outside the bathroom, Lucas hissed every word through gritted teeth, “This is my room!”

“What are you-“

“I just called the front desk. She gave you the wrong key card!” he snapped rather grumpily, clearly out
of patience.” My room is 999, yours is 666! She had a mix up and accidentally swapped our cards, get

Cordy did a double take-to think a luxury hotel like this would make such a cheap mistake!

“If you understand, get out,” Lucas urged, annoyed. “Stop loitering in my room.”

“Who’s loitering?” Cordy snapped, her temper unleashed right there and then.

There was just no way she could stay patient with this unreasonable man!

“Then are you coming out or not?!”

“I…l’m f*cking naked!” Cordy swore; he was the first man who made her breathe an expletive!

She wasn’t paying attention before she entered the bathroom, and had thrown her clothes on the couch

She didn’t bring in a clean set of clothes when she came in, either.

She only had a towel on right now; she certainly didn’t want to see Lucas like this.

She well and truly had enough of that man, and would never allow him to see her in an unseemly state!

“Open the door!” Lucas started hammering on the door again.

“I said, I’m naked-“

“I can’t give you your clothes if you don’t open the door!” Lucas bellowed.

Cordy bit her lip-there was just no talking things out peacefully with this man.

She tightened her towel around herself, ensuring it wouldn’t loosen easily before opening the bathroom
door by a tiny slit.

“Don’t bother pretending. There’s nothing to see anyway,” Lucas growled grumpily when he saw her

“Even if there is, I refuse to let you look!”

“Let me look? I’d just hurt my eyes!”

“Lucas Lynch!” Cordy screamed.

“Do you want your clothes or not?!” Lucas asked even louder, utterly impatient.


“Then open the door wider. I can’t even f*cking put your panties through that slit!” Lucas snapped,

Cordy really wanted to kill him at that very moment.

She had no idea if foreigners—a man with mixed-ancestry, to be precise, would be more open with
their feelings. All she knew was that Lucas was utterly heinous.

Her body was shaking even as she restrained herself; in fact, she was worried she wouldn’t be able to
stop herself from getting into fisticuffs with Lucas.

Still, she worked hard to calm herself. Just as she gritted her teeth and opened the bathroom door,
Lucas pushed as hard as he could inwards.

The simultaneous push caused him to stumble and fall inside the bathroom.

Cordy couldn’t react in time, and Lucas knocked her down.

They both landed on the floor with a dull thud, with Lucas’s full weight pressing over Cordy.

At that very moment, Cordy felt the world spinning and almost lost consciousness.

What on earth did she do wrong in this life, that she had to meet a man like him?!

Lucas actually took quite a tumble; though he fell on top of her, his hands were around Cordy after he
fell, and his arms were turning numb.

She wasn’t light, for sure; Lucas had to withstand the pain, not quite realizing that his face was planted
beneath her neck.

When he finally came to his senses, Cordy was shrieking and yelling at him. “Argh!!! How long are you
going to keep holding on to me, you pervert?!”

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