A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 584

Perhaps she panicked too much, or maybe she hadn’t paid attention when she tied the towel around
herself… Suddenly, her towel loosened and fell off her body right in front of that man, leaving her
completely naked.

“Argh!!!” she screamed even harder.

She once had her reputation torn to shreds, but only because someone framed her-she had never felt
this embarrassed in her entire life!

Lucas could feel her eardrums splitting from the sound of her voice.

He looked up again, and Cordy flushed deeply as she could sense his steely gaze. “W-What are you
looking at?!”

“You’re the one who took them off for me, aren’t you?” Lucas retorted in disdain.

“C-Close your eyes! Now!”

“Why?” Lucas was unmoved, and started to stare at her even more.

Cordy was on the verge of tears!

The man was as conceited as he was unreasonable! She could die right there and then!

Swiftly picking up her towel from the floor, she tried her best to cover herself.

Lucas, however, was laying nonchalantly on the bed, seemingly unable to see her hysteria.

He was unperturbed by the sight of her naked body, as if it didn’t interest him at all.

Cordy picked up her towel and rushed back inside the bathroom, slamming it shut loudly and violently.

She leaned over the bathroom sink, the large mirror before reflecting her reddened eyes; her chest was
heaving from agitation and anger.

She had no idea how and why Lucas showed up at her room, and was sleeping on the bed so brazenly
at that.

She could imagine how dirty of a woman she was in his mind. The stress in her intensified, and she
was certain she could die immediately from it.

She had never hated a person so much; she didn’t want to see him for the rest of his life!

And to think she thought he resembled John!

They were completely different people—John would never be this despicable!

Suddenly, a teardrop trickled out of her eye.

Cordy looked at her own reflection. Over the years, no one except John made her cry.

And yet-Lucas Lynch, a man she had just met today, managed to do the same!

She bit her lip as she forced herself to stay restrained-the man wasn’t worthy of her tears at all!

But the more she restrained herself, the more her tears fell.

It was clearly no big deal, but for some reason, she was hysterical.

She felt as if all the pain she had bottled inside her was released all at once, and she was beyond

Nonetheless, she soon heard violent knocks on the bathroom door. “How long are you staying inside?
Get out here and explain yourself!”

Cordy clenched her fists, feeling the urge to hit someone…

She certainly would love to punch him on that annoying face of his!

“Open the door!”

“No!” Cordy bellowed angrily.

“Cordy Sachs!” Lucas snarled.

“Get out!” Cordy snarled back.

“This is my room! Why should I leave?”

“No, this is my room!” Cordy shrieked at the door-all her discipline gone at that split second.

She didn’t mind howling like a fishwife just to get back at Lucas!

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