A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 583

Cordy left the restaurant, having had enough.

It had been years since she encountered someone with such a rotten personality!

Once she was outside, she called Sean to give her a ride.

The capital was a little cold in January, and Cordy waited out on the chilly streets.

Her anger rose further the more she thought about Lucas — never had someone got on her nerves the
way he did! Even Noel would take the trouble to maintain a polite demeanor just for appearances’ sake!

She took a deep breath when she saw a familiar car stop beside her.

Sean alighted, and quickly put an arm around her shoulder when he saw her shivering in the cold. He
opened the door for her to ride shotgun.

Cordy was still rubbing her hands even after she got into the car-there was a heater in most event
halls, so there was no need to wear layers.

While she would never wear too much so she wouldn’t look bloated, she still didn’t expect to be left
dying from the cold in the streets after the fashion show was over.

“Your dinner’s over already? Where’s Maron? Did he leave you alone to wait for your ride, out in the
cold?” Sean asked,


“It’s not Maron. I had the displeasure of a rotten acquaintance, leaving me with no appetite. So I left,”
Cordy explained grumpily.

“Really?” Sean chuckled despite himself. “There’s someone in this day and age who could make you
walk away? That’s impressive.”

Sean wasn’t just teasing her. Cordy had such discipline and practiced impressive apathy that he never
saw her get upset with practically anything.

He was suddenly interested in the person in question.

“I’ve never had someone as conceited as him,” Cordy growled, grumpy even as she mentioned it now.
“Anyway, stop mentioning him. Just doing it puts me in a bad mood.”

“Actually, I think he’s good,” Sean commented.

Cordy frowned at him, but he added bluntly, “At least he makes you look alive.”

Cordy pursed her lips, perfectly aware that she had been a walking corpse for years.

However, that didn’t mean she was interested in a man who had put her in such a foul mood!

Whatever. They wouldn’t be seeing each other from now on, anyway!

“Are you staying in a hotel?” Sean asked.


“Can’t you consider…”


Sean shrugged, but said nothing else.

He drove her to the most luxurious six-star hotel in the capital; when he opened the door for her, he
offered, “Do you need me to walk you upstairs?”

“No,” Cordy refused.

“I’ll come get you tomorrow morning.”




Sean left after taking her luggage out of the trunk for her, while Cordy quickly entered the lobby with it.

It was really too cold outside. She checked in, and the staff gave her her room card before she went

As soon as she got into her room, she went to take a bath.

Even if she turned the heater on full after being exposed to the cold for so long, there was still a chance
she might catch a cold-a hot shower was needed to alleviate it.

She stood in the shower for so long that she felt like her body was burning when she stepped out, her
cheeks red and flushed.

Just as she turned off the shower and was about to leave the bathroom, she realized that she had
forgotten to bring in a bathrobe.

So, she looked for a towel and wrapped it around herself, and used another to dry her wet hair.

Upon stepping outside, she froze—so did the man lying in her bed.

As their eyes met, Cordy couldn’t help shrieking. “Aaaargh!!!”

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