A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 579

Patrick got a little angry, and bellowed, “Why not? Don’t forget, you’re married with a child! You’re the
one who shouldn’t be lusting after her!”

He certainly had enough of Sean!

However, Sean simply shot him a look as if he was an idiot, which incensed him further.

Not wanting to keep wasting time with him, Sean told Patrick, “You’re in my turf right now. Watch
yourself if you want to leave in one piece.”

“Are you threatening me?”

Yes,” Sean replied, not hiding his intention at all.

“F*ck!” Patrick could not help swearing.

However, there was nothing he could do in the capital, not when it was the Cranstons’ turf.

As such, he left the exhibition with Sean, huffing as he did.

Meanwhile, Cordy had already reached backstage and was waiting for Maron in the lounge.

She was sitting down on the couch, and picked up a newspaper to read when someone suddenly

Her heart skipped a beat when she saw that it was Lucas Lynch.

With him being so close, the sense of familiarity overwhelmed her again.

But if he truly was John, he wouldn’t be looking at her like a stranger.

In fact, his gaze didn’t linger on her for more than three seconds before he turned to leave.

“Are you looking for Maron?” Cordy asked, taking the initiative.

Her voice quivered slightly from nerves.

Lucas heard her, and turned to look at her. “Do you know where he is?”

Even his voice was different from John’s-his was crisper, while John’s was deeper.

It really wasn’t John.

“Hmm?” Lucas murmured, his gaze judgemental and upset that she spoke to him first, only to suddenly
turn silent.

Coming to her senses then, Cordy quickly said, “I don’t know where he went, but his assistant said he’d
be right back. You could wait for her here if you have business with him.’

Lucas hesitated for a moment, but eventually entered the lounge and sat on the couch opposite Cordy.
He picked up one of the newspapers and started reading.

Cordy could only see his forehead from that angle. Yet, with every glimpse of his facial features, she
found so much resemblance between Lucas and John…

“I don’t like to be gawked at,” Lucas said as he suddenly lowered his newspaper, staring Cordy straight
in the eye.

Cordy became a little flustered.

The resemblance between him and John left her unable to control herself, but she could already tell
from his eyes that he was sick of her.

It was something she would never see in John’s eyes.

“I’m sorry, but you bear a striking resemblance with a friend of mine,” Cordy explained nonetheless.

“That pickup line is so out of style,” Lucas scoffed disdainfully. “I thought the women of the capital were
more reserved, but that’s not really the case, is it?”

Cordy bit her lip, unsure how to argue.

In truth, she was actually upset that Lucas was so full of himself.

“Whatever. I’m not waiting here,” Lucas said, rising to feet and putting down the newspaper.

As Cordy frowned, he added, “I really don’t like staying with someone who wants a shot at me in the
same room.”

With those words, he left. Cordy was actually a little angry as she watched him leave.

She wants a shot at him, he said?!

She wouldn’t have looked at him twice if he didn’t bear such a strong resemblance with John!

Did he think being good-looking made him all that impressive?

And in the end, John was far more handsome than he could ever hope to be!

The more Cordy thought about it, the more furious she became.

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