A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 578

At the same time, Sean whipped out his phone and barked orders into it.” Find out everything you can
on the male model who just left the catwalk.”

“Yes, Mr. Cranston.’

“And arrange for people to watch him. Don’t let him out of your sight.’

“Understood, sir.”

Sean put away his phone, then told Cordy, “We can talk after we looked into him.”

Cordy bit her lip as she worked hard to control herself.

She was worried that the higher her hopes, the greater the disappointment -she might even suffer a
nervous breakdown because of this.

Even as she remained in her seat, she was unable to watch the rest of the fashion show. All she could
think about was that male supermodel. She was simply unable to forget that exceedingly familiar figure.

After over half an hour, Sean told Cordy, “I’ve sent his dossier to your phone. Check it yourself.”

Cordy’s heart skipped a beat and started racing, but she was afraid of reading it.

“Check it out so you can give up,” Sean urged.

Cordy bit her lip once more.

She calmed down considerably, and already knew the answer in her heart.

Miracles didn’t alway happen in this world—this was just a survivor’s wishful thinking.

Cordy tapped on the dossier Sean sent and saw the name Lucas Lynch.

He was 26, and had mixed ancestry-his father was from the capital, and his mother a Minervan, where
he was raised.

Everything was there, including all details since he was a child. Apparently, Lucas wasn’t a model by
occupation. He simply had agreed to take to the catwalk since he was on friendly terms with Maron.

Moreover, his family was affluent, which was why he never took to showbiz despite being scouted by
talent agencies so many times.

He didn’t inherit his family’s business either, and instead founded an ecommerce company on his own
that was developing rapidly in Minerva. He was interested in expanding into Zidonia, thus his reason for
coming to Zidonia.

Cordy read the dossier quietly, realizing that there was nothing that connected him to John at all.

“The world is vast, and there’s all kinds of coincidences,” Sean said. “There are so many
doppelgangers. One day, it’s Lucas Lynch. Tomorrow, it’s someone else.”

Cordy said nothing as she lowered her phone.

Sean stayed silent, and they all quietly watched until the fashion show ended. By then, everyone in
attendance gradually filed out of the room.

Cordy didn’t leave, and simply remained in her seat while Sean and Patrick stayed at her side even
after everyone else left and the staff began to clean up.

“Let’s go,” Sean finally said.

Cordy came to her senses and rose from her seat. “You two can go. I’ll wait for Maron backstage.”

“Should I stay with you?” Patrick was clearly worried-Cordy was crying herself silly the last time he
briefly mentioned John.

Now that someone who resembled John so much showed up, could she really stay calm and

“No,” Cordy replied as she strode towards the backstage.

Patrick wanted to follow, but Sean caught him. “Let’s go.”

“I say, why do you keep stopping me from wooing her? Are you interested in me or something?” Patrick
snapped, slightly agitated.

Sean was speechless by the assumption, but then he replied coolly, “You can have any woman you
want, just not Cordy.”

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