A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 575

Cora appeared from behind just then, having changed dresses and put on makeup.

“Cordy,’ she greeted Cordy, always respectful and warm.

However, Cordy remained distant towards her as she always had been, because of Zoe.

Come to think of it, it had been three years since she had seen Zoe.

Zoe never contacted Quinn or Cordy ever since she went missing, and they had no idea where she

How was she doing nowadays?

“My mom was just saying you should bring Dicky over for dinner,” Cora continued, used to Cord/s
distant attitude by now.

“I will, once I return to North City and have the time,” Cordy replied.

“I’ve missed Dicky myself. Did he come here with you?” Cora asked.

“No, he’s still at school.”

“I’ve almost forgotten.” Cora laughed.

“Don’t let me keep you. I’m going back outside,” Cordy said, ending the awkward exchange.

“Okay.” Cora nodded.

“Let’s go together,” Bob told Cordy, before turning towards Cora. “I’ll be watching outside.”

“Yeah,” Cora replied.

As Bob left with Cordy, Cordy asked offhandedly, “Do you have any news on Zoe?”

Bob paused for a moment, but shook his head. “I don’t. She never contacted me, and I’m sure she
wouldn’t. You should ask Jay-he’s coming today, but I don’t know if he’s arrived. He just texted me to
say his flight was slightly delayed.”

Jay’s brain surgery three years ago had been a success, and he spent half a year recovering abroad
before returning to the country.

After what happened to John, Bob and Jay had since let go of any grievances-they already had lost a
friend who was akin to a brother, so there was no need to lose more.

“I was just asking,” Cordy said. “If Zoe really wanted to reach us, she would’ve done so already.’

There was disappointment in her tone, but she understood Zoe’s choice.

They headed out to the exhibition hall and returned to their respective seats.

Cordy sat on the centermost spot nearest to the catwalk, thanks to Maron’s eternal favor towards her.

Since she came with Sean, the man naturally sat beside her.

Patrick somehow got a seat on the same row, even sitting beside her.

He was still holding the bouquet of roses, his fawning expression unchanging.

“Please accept the flowers, at least,” he said, almost pleading.

“No.” Cordy was determined.

“I’m a man. It’s so weird having me hold a bouquet of flowers.”

“You could throw them away.”

“I personally wrapped them up. It’ll be a waste to throw them away.”

“Then hold on to it,” Cordy replied indifferently.

“Honestly, Cordy-“

“Let’s switch seats,” Sean suddenly said.

Cordy didn’t hesitate and changed seats with him, so that Sean sat beside Patrick.

Patrick’s face turned green.

The man always got in the way when he tried to woo Cordy.

If he wasn’t the eldest son of the Cranston family and wasn’t recently married, Patrick would really
throw him a gauntlet.

In fact, they often met since their involvement in politics, but Sean had always been cold towards him,
leaving Patrick wondering if he had somehow upset the latter.

“Watch the show and be quiet.” Sean’s tone was a little chilly.

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