A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 576

The lights on the stage dimmed, while the lights on the catwalk shone dazzlingly.

Fashion models started to file in on the catwalk; there were endless camera flashes around,
photographing them.

Cordy was watching the fashion show with utmost seriousness, since Maron never disappointed as a
world famous designer.

The fashion models were world-famous as well, so much that even someone like Cora wouldn’t shine if
she took to the catwalk.

However, she was still one of the nation’s elites; thus, her appearance at the scene naturally drew
much media attention.

In fact, there was a slight unrest when she stepped out.

Jay arrived just then and sat down next to Bob, who held his arm and asked, “What kept you?”

“The flight was delayed.” Jay panted slightly.

“You’re just in time-Cora’s up.” Bob gestured at the catwalk.

Jay nodded in acknowledgement, and Bob asked, “She said she’ll be filming a movie with you next

“Yeah,” Jay replied. “Shooting’s going to take a couple months, and it’s due for release in spring. Most
of the scenes will be taken in North City.’

“That’s good,” Bob said.

Jay didn’t elaborate, and turned his attention to the catwalk.

Jay was attending the fashion show since he had helped Maron with one of his commercials in Zidonia,
something Maron was very happy about. They had since made each other’s acquaintance, which was
whow he got invited to the fashion show.

While Jay wasn’t particularly extroverted, he wasn’t one who said no easily. When faced with a friendly
gesture, he couldn’t bring himself to reject it. Thus, he attended the fashion show despite his busy

Bob paused for a moment before saying, “I just ran into Cordy backstage. She’s sitting up front.”

Jay turned towards her, and found Cordy sitting in the first row.

In truth, he hadn’t spoken much to Cordy over the last three years.

After all, Johnny was gone now.

The loss was a huge blow to Jay, even more so when everyone had been hiding it from him.

It wasn’t until he made a full recovery abroad that he learned about Johnny’s death, after which he paid
Cordy a visit.

They didn’t talk much, nor did he ask too many questions.

“Cordy actually asked me about Zoe,” Bob eventually said.

They hadn’t spoken about Cordy for a while, too.

When Jay returned to the country two and a half years ago, Bob sought him out.

There was nothing particularly sentimental in their words, but they tacitly agreed to let go of everything
unpleasant between them before.

“Has Zoe asked for you?” Bob asked.

It had been three years, and he had since gotten over Zoe.

Right now, things were steady between him and Cora. While he didn’t feel particularly strongly about
their relationship, he was at the age to settle down-since he had the right person, he simply went with it
without much thought.

“No,” Jay replied.

“Did you try looking for her?” Bob asked again.

Jay pursed his thin lips. “She probably lives her own life now.”

“Back then, because of you…”

Ultimately, Bob grew slightly agitated.

He never spoke of Zoe for three years as he feared he would lose control once he did so, and he didn’t
want to hurt their brotherhood.

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