A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 569

Cordy left Sachs Enterprises’ office building in her car and drove toward Starstream Group’s office

Randy methodically reported to her the next appointment in her schedule.” Boss, there’s a director’s
meeting at Starstream Group in half an hour which is scheduled to end at 11.30 AM. There’s an
interview by a finance magazine at 1.30 PM. The editor-in-chief will conduct the interview right in your
office and I’ve already requested for them to keep the interview within 40 minutes.

“At 3.08 PM, high-end brand SHE of Galaxy Center, Lux City’s international mall, requests your
attendance at their ribbon-cutting ceremony for their launch. The event will be live-streamed, and the
make-up artist will arrive at your office half an hour before the event. There’s a business dinner at 6 PM
for which I’ve already arranged for someone from the public relations department to attend with you.”

Cordy looked outside the window as she listened on.

“Tomorrow, I’ve pushed away all work appointments for your trip to the capital,” Randy went on, “At 3
PM tomorrow, there is an international fashion show in the capital. Maron will be featured in the
opening show as our country’s top designer and he sent an invitation to you one month ago. Mr. Sean
Cranston will also be attending the show tomorrow, and he asks for you to be his partner at the event.”

“Sure,” Cordy responded to him.

“Okay, I’ll inform Mr. Cranston right away,” Randy acknowledged respectfully.

He buried himself back in his work in all seriousness.


“Yes, Boss?”

“John Levine has been gone for three years.”

“…Yes,” Randy’s fingers stopped moving across his laptop keyboard.

Cordy’s back was to him and he could not see the expression on her face.

But he could sense, from her tone, that she was missing his ex-boss again.

After his ex-boss passed on, he continued working for Cordy.

In fact, that night when his ex-boss went to save Richard, he had instructed him to follow Cordy and
work for her if anything untoward were to happen to him. John wanted him to help Cordy and share her
burden at work.

When his ex-boss took the initiative to ask him in hopes that he would stay by Cordy’s side and help
her, Randy agreed without any hesitation.

In the blink of an eye, three years had passed.

Three years was not exactly a long time, but neither was it a short time.

It was still difficult to forget a person within three years.

Even he found himself unable to forget his ex-boss. Sorrow would still fill his heart whenever he
thought about his ex-boss, not to mention his exboss’ lover, Cordy.

He could tell that Cordy was putting her best foot forward in work, in life, and even in making herself

But when things quietened down, it was hard for her to hide the sorrow and longing in her eyes that
lingered on.

He had no idea when she would truly let things go.

It was perhaps never in her entire life.

After an entire day’s work, Cordy reached home at 10 PM.

She tried her best to reach home as early as possible, but she still did not manage to make it in time at
9 PM, which was the time she had agreed upon with Richard.

At 9 PM, she could still bid Richard good night.

10 PM was really too late for Richard who, at ten years old, was still physically developing. She
requested for Lawrence to ensure that Richard was in bed before 9 PM even if his homework was not

Richard had always been an obedient boy.

She quietly tip-toed around the mansion.

Two years ago, she moved out with Richard from her apartment in North City.

After Lawrence came, the apartment was clearly too small for the three of them. She decided to make
the major decision of buying a top-tier mansion so that Richard had more space to live comfortably.

Dim lights were left on in the mansion. The entire house was quiet.

Cordy returned to her room and washed up quickly. She went downstairs for a cup of cold water.
Alcohol always made her feel thirstier than usual.

She had just gotten herself a cup of iced water when she saw a note that Richard left on the bar
counter for her.

[Mommy, don’t drink cold water. It’s bad for your stomach.]

Cordy smiled as she felt warmth seep through her heart.

She flipped the note over and saw another paragraph. [Drink the cup of honey water after drinking
alcohol. It’s in the flask. Drink some warm milk before sleeping, it’s in the other flask next to it. It’ll help
you fall asleep. Mommy, don’t take too many sleeping pills, it’s bad for your health.]

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