A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 566

Technically speaking, after Simon lost his position as the chairman, there was no other position left in
Sachs Enterprises for him. But he pulled together other directors and confronted Cordy, forcing her to
give him the position of general manager in Sachs Enterprises on the basis that he had been managing
the company all along, while Cordy seldom came to the office and it would not be ideal to hire a
general manager externally.

Cordy did not reject his suggestion, for there was no need for her to. As Simon had a significant portion
of the company’s shares, he would certainly put in his best foot forward in managing Sachs

Of course, that was what she had thought. Unfortunately, Simon was truly incapable.

“Yes?” Simon said in response.

He had never shown Cordy much respect, be in small or big meetings.

He continued to remain stuck up and prideful.

“Compared to last month, your KPI targets have dropped by 3%. How did you arrive at 3%?” Cordy

“Don’t you know the current market situation very well. Chairman? The fact that our traditional
businesses suffered a mere 3% drop in such terrible market conditions is already an astonishing feat.
This is especially so compared to our competitors who saw an even greater drop in their performance.”

“But based on what I know, Davis Corporation which also operates traditional F&B outlets and hotels
saw a 5% increase this month compared to the last,” Cordy refuted.

“How can we compare to Davis Corporation? Are we even at the same level? We manage fairly-priced
restaurants and chain hotels with four stars or less. Davis Corporation, on the other hand, operates
higher-end establishments. Both companies are on different levels and we shouldn’t be comparing
apples and oranges!” Simon countered.

“So, President Sachs, don’t you have any ounce of desire to improve? Have you never thought of
becoming as impressive a conglomerate as Davis Corporation?”

“Are you kidding me? Davis Corporation has been around for over a century. The foundation it has built
up over the years is something we cannot compare with. If you want to measure us against other
people’s standards, you’re just being idealistic and unrealistic. Chairman Sachs, you only come to
office once a week and have no clue about the internal situation and operations of the company. Don’t
just shoot your mouth off and make yourself the butt of everyone’s jokes.” Simon mocked Cordy in front
of everyone, giving no regard to her pride and dignity.

Cordy did not mind as much. She said leisurely, “Nothing is impossible. Back then, Starstream Group
was nothing compared to Sachs Enterprises, yet now, it is operating at a scale that Sachs Enterprises
cannot even imagine. And do you even realize that it took Starstream Group a mere three years to
achieve that?”

Cordy’s words embarrassed Simon to no end.

Cordy was now someone renowned in North City, well-known as a powerful businesswoman, an
entrepreneur…she had countless glorious titles to her name that she could barely keep track of..

Simon was rendered speechless.

He could only say through gritted teeth, “Since you’re so impressive, why don’t you give it a go?”

“If I had to be involved in everything, what’s the point of your existence, President Sachs?!” Cordy said
sarcastically, “Or are you saying that you’ve reached retirement age…”

“Cordy Sachs, stop trying to force me into a corner. I am the general manager appointed by the board
of directors, not someone you can just fire as you wish.”

“I don’t have the intention of firing you at all. I just hope that you can lift your standards a little and stop
fixing your eyes on companies that aren’t doing so well. We have over a thousand employees in our
company. As the leader of the company, we should be thinking about how to increase their salaries and
make their lives better instead of constantly retrenching our people and reducing their salaries in order
to cut costs,” Cordy said aggressively as she flung the human resources report on the table.

Simon’s face darkened with displeasure.

Yes, in order for the company to breakeven, he reduced manpower costs by retrenching staff and
cutting their salaries.

He did not expect Cordy, who only came to the office four times a month, to notice that.

“Of course, I’m not objecting to your approach, President Sachs. In times of losses, retrenchment and
salary reduction at an appropriate degree can help with motivating staff and making them work harder.
But if the leadership does not have good structures in place and the employees end up all stressed and
up to their necks in work, it would end up pointless as well. The key is,” Cordy said as her voice sank,
“our employees’ salaries have dropped by 5% on average, yet our senior management’s salaries have
risen by 3% from last year. To be honest, I truly don’t understand what your objective in doing this is,
President Sachs?!”

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