A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 565

Three years later, North City was as prosperous and bustling as it had always been.

In Sachs Enterprises’ board meeting, Cordy was seated right at the center.

Simon sat next to her, his face dark as thunder.

Who could imagine that after Noel was sentenced to jail three years ago, she would unconditionally
transfer all her shares of Sachs Enterprises to Cordy?

Cordy did not help Noel fight the lawsuit, and Noel was not served the death sentence. Instead, she
was sentenced to seven years of jail time.

Of course, Cordy did not reject Noel’s offer.

At the very least, it was better than letting Simon get his hands on the shares.

When Simon found out that the company’s shares were all transferred to Cordy, he almost had a heart
attack and died on the spot.

He had thought that Noel might keep the shares to herself. He never imagined that she would give it all
to Cordy.

Wasn’t Cordy the person she hated the most in this whole world?!

It was then that he realized how much that pair of sisters played him out.

Yet, there was nothing he could do about it.

With Noel’s shares, Cordy owned a total of 51 % of the company and was Sach Enterprises’ ultimate

In order to cultivate Sonny and allow him to grow and thrive in Sachs Enterprises, he had been
gradually transferring the company’s shares to

Sonny, which had accumulated to 10%. That meant that Simon himself was left with only 30%.

If there were no surprises, Sachs Enterprises would remain in Cordy’s hands.

Of course, Sachs Enterprises had never been Cordy’s focus.

Her focus remained on Starstream Group, which, under Cordy’s leadership and the collaboration with
Patrick, had multiplied its assets and properties by ten times. The company had long since risen to the
highest ranks in North City’s society. Sachs Enterprises was like a drop in the bucket for Cordy.

She would only come to Sachs Enterprises’ office building once a week just to listen to the weekly
performance updates.

The more she listened, the darker her face turned.

She had never really worked in Sachs Enterprises before and only knew that the company’s annual
profits were decreasing slightly by the year. In the economic downturn over the recent years, although it
was normal to see a reduction in profits, she could not for the life of her understand why the board of
directors and everyone in the senior management just accepted it as an inevitable downward trend. No
one bothered to work hard to turn the tables around.

She listened on while flipping through the employee name list and wage system report that she
requested the human resources department to prepare beforehand.

After all the department directors had presented their respective weekly summaries and updates,
Cordy said mildly, “President Sachs.’ She was, of course, calling for Simon.

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