A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 563

“Because what goes around comes around for wicked people.” Cordy said each word clearly.

“For wicked people?! Aren’t you wicked as well?!” Noel accused Cordy wildly.

“I’m not/ Cordy said firmly, ‘I’ve never thought of bringing anyone down.”

“You’ve never thought of…yet you indirectly caused the death of so many who want to bring you down!
Kyle, me, even the Stuarts../ Noel exclaimed, almost breaking down.

She probably felt that Cordy enjoyed a very good life.

Cordy clearly had many enemies, yet ended up escaping unscathed time and time again, even being
blessed through calamities.

Conversely, it took so much for Noel to plot and scheme, and she ended up in such a terrible plight.

“Noel, if you called me here today just to vent your frustrations, pardon me for not being able to
entertain you,” Cordy said as she stood to leave.

She was not that kind-hearted as to help Noel relieve her pent-up frustrations inside.

Noel’s terrible plight right now was nothing but her own doing, and what she should do right now was to
reflect on her mistakes.

“Cordy Sachs,” Noel called her.

Cordy looked back at her.

“Help me fight a lawsuit.” Noel finally declared her intentions.

Noel looked deeply at Cordy, as if she was the only person Noel could count on at this point.

Cordy said expressionlessly, “Do you think that’s even possible?”

She was no saint.

She did not plot to bring anyone down, but she was not that kind-hearted or magnanimous to return evil
with compassion for people who tried to harm her either.

“I’ll give you my Sachs Enterprises shares if you help me with the lawsuit. I’m sure you know of good
lawyers who can acquit me without charge.

After all, everything I did was forced by the Stuarts. I am a victim myself/ Noel said agitatedly. “I find
Quinn Summer, the one who helped you with your lawsuit, excellent. Although she’s not famous, her
court defense skills are superb…”

“I won’t.” Cordy cut Noel off in a firm and cold voice.

Noel stared at Cordy.

“I won’t help you fight a lawsuit,” Cordy repeated herself clearly.

“I’ll give you all of Sach Enterprises’ shares.”

“I don’t care for it.” Cordy looked at Noel. “I don’t care for anything that belongs to the Sachs family.”

Noel continued staring at Cordy.

She knew that Cordy would not help her, but she eventually came to realize that aside from Cordy,
there was no one else she could turn to for help.

“Perhaps you can offer that to Simon Sachs, he’s desperate for it,” Cordy reminded her.

“Simon Sachs?!” Noel sneered. “It’s a lost cause giving it to him. How could he possibly fight a lawsuit
for me? He’ll only try to make me imprisoned for a few more years. You know better than I do what kind
of a man Simon is.”

Noel was not foolish, but she was simply too wicked and eager for success.

“He came here many times to ask me to give my shares to him, and each time, I rejected him. I’d rather
donate them all to a charity organization than give it to him!” Noel said agitatedly.

She probably thought that the Sachs family was the root cause of her miserable life.

If she were not from the Sachs family, she would not have allowed herself to end up like this.

“Cordy, do you really not want to take revenge on Simon? Are you going to just bear with everything
that he did to you?!’ Noel tried to provoke Cordy into action.

“I’m not. Now that Sachs Enterprises is in my hands, any slight move I make will bring down the entire
company/ Cordy said. “So, your shares are completely meaningless to me.”

Noel clenched her fists.

She no longer had any means to convince Cordy.

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