A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 554

She could not bear to let go of Richard so quickly, but reason told her that now was the time for her to
linger on.

She whispered in Richard’s ear, “Don’t bother about anything else and don’t turn back. Leave this place
and find Randy.”

Richard looked up at Cordy, who looked back at him with determination and assurance in her eyes.

Richard ran to the main entrance, and Jessica’s face turned dark.

Just when she was about to speak, Cordy stood up. “John and I haven’t left. Isn’t that enough for you?

Jessica’s eyes turned cold as she saw Richard walk out of the place, but she knew that Cordy was

She had abducted Richard with the aim of getting John and Cordy.

To her, killing Richard was not important at all.

Either way, she never expected herself to live for much longer.

Therefore, she did not care whether Richard would grow up and take revenge on her for his parents’
sake, and she had no qualms letting Richard leave.

Cordy finally felt relief when Richard disappeared from sight.

At the very least, Richard was safe.

She turned to look at Jessica once again and said directly, “Should I be the one you take revenge on?”

Jessica sneered.

John’s face changed. “Cordy!”

“John, you’re not the only one doing this without regrets,” Cordy said plainly.

She had mentally prepared herself before making her way here.

She had come prepared to take Richard’s place, and had never even considered the possibility of John

Even if Jessica did not text her just now, she would have entered anyway and given herself in
exchange for John.

“Don’t speak! Leave right now, right now!” John started to panic, with anxiety flashing past his eyes.

He knew what Cordy wanted to do the moment she barged in, but he would never allow that!

“For a very long time, I lived in oppression. My life wasn’t smooth-sailing after my mom died and the
Sachs didn’t treat me well. Noel framed me and tarnished my reputation, and I had the misfortune of
knowing that b*st* rd Kyle. But now, they all have their just desserts; Kyle is dead, and he died in the
hands of Noel whom he thought loved him very much. The Sachs aren’t doing very well either, with the
family business going downhill under Noel’s malicious control. Did I ever tell you that I’ve secretly done
something under the table such that I can bankrupt the Sachs anytime I wish?”

“Stop talking, Cordy! Leave right now and don’t say a word further!” John said agitatedly.

Cordy looked straight at him, a peaceful smile on her face. “As for Noel, a woman I really hate to the
core, I constantly think about how I can tarnish her reputation and make her wish she were dead. Now,
I don’t even need to do that because you helped me exact revenge. You’ve taken so many indecent

videos of Noel and she would be brought to justice under the law given the dirty business she collided
with the Stuarts on. There’s no future to speak of for her.”

“Since everyone that I want to take revenge on has received their just deserts, there’s nothing more I
pursue in this life. At most, I want to respect my mom’s dying wish of living well. I never expected to
meet you and have Dicky in my life in my life of misfortune, and that alone is enough to make me say
that my life was worth it.” 1

“So, John, I’m very content with my life and I don’t want to leave any regrets behind. I don’t want to go
through the pain of losing you and having something missing from my life again.”

Cordy looked deeply into John’s eyes.

She truly felt like she was very fortunate right now.

She was worried that she expected more from her destiny and that the more she had, the more it would
incur the jealousy of others.

Cordy’s eyes turned red and wet with tears as she tried hard to ignore the emotions roiling in John’s

She turned to look at Jessica and said emphatically, “Aren’t you looking for someone to die with you?
Don’t you want to take revenge on John? I’ll die with you. My death will be the greatest revenge you
can take on John.”

Jessica sneered as she mocked, “Trying to act out a dramatic love story in front of me? How touching!”

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