A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 549

The car reached its destination and stopped 600 feet from a deserted and old factory in the industrial

They did not dare to be so close for fear of alerting their enemies, but they were not too careful either.
After all, Jessica wanted them to come, so she purposely lured them there.

It was now midnight, with an hour left before the time stipulated by Jessica.

John got out of the car, and Cordy followed suit.

He turned around and glanced at her quietly. He then brought two bodyguards with him to walk toward
that deserted factory.

He had just taken a few steps when Cordy hugged him from behind out of the blue.

John’s heart skipped a beat.

“Cordy?” His voice was low and slightly hoarse.

“John, I’ve never told you that I love you, have I?” Cordy asked him. Burying her face on his back, she
asked firmly.

John swallowed slightly and answered lightly, “I know.”

He could feel it.

“I love you.” However, Cordy still confessed her love for him loudly.

John smiled.

He thought that it was more than enough since he knew. Unexpectedly, it filled him with such deep joy
when she said it aloud.

He turned around and met her gaze.

Cordy looked at him with watery eyes and great reluctance.

It seemed like she had cried more than enough in those two days.

She was not that weak.

When she was young, her mother taught her to be strong and brave. Others could never replace
anyone, and one could only rely on oneself.

Hence, she generally would not cry even if she faced serious issues.

However, she could not hold herself back during these two days.

For the first time, she was very scared of losing and that her beloved person would be gone in the blink
of an eye.

She did not know what else she could do except cry given the sense of helplessness that engulfed her.

John lightly wiped away her tears, leaned down, and kissed her firmly on her lips.

Her gaze moved slightly, and her tears burst forth the moment she closed her eyes.

She took the initiative to hug his neck and deepened that light farewell kiss.

John responded to her kiss.

They kissed for a very long time, finding it hard to let go.

They did not want to let go of each other at all, afraid that it would be the last time they would see each


John pushed Cordy away.

When he saw her red eyes, he said hoarsely, “Don’t cry. Take good care of yourself. Don’t make me

After that, he let go of her and gradually pulled her hands away from him.

Without lingering, he turned around to leave.

Cordy’s fingers moved slightly. She wanted to grab him, but all that was left was the breeze he left
when he walked away.

She could not see anything in front of her and could not see his back when he turned away.

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