A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 546

What would be the result?

They should adjust their bodies to the best states in the face of the unknown.

Facing Cordy’s gaze, John nodded.

Bob quickly asked the restaurant under his company to send them a sumptuous meal at the fastest

It was so splendid that it was stacked on Cordy’s dining table in almost two rows because her dining
table was not large.

Hence, Cordy made a joke. ‘Bob, are you worried that this is the last meal for John and I?”

When she made that joke, she could see Bob’s eyes turn red. ’Stop saying nonsense. You guys can
live up to a hundred years old.”

Cordy chuckled.

While laughing, she cried.

John handed her a tissue paper.

No one could guarantee whether they would face any danger or not.

“Let’s eat. You ate so little in these two days. Eating is very important.” Sam tried to ease the tense

Everyone started eating in silence.

However, they could not enjoy the meal at all and could only force themselves to eat a little.

Suddenly, Bob said, “I hated Jay very much in the past.”

Everyone looked at him and his red eyes.

He was a very sentimental and emotional person.

“Why did he give Zoe up just like that? And why did he snatch her away just because someone wanted
her? But now, he’s gotten into a serious car accident and is now in the hospital’s ICU. We don’t know
whether he’ll wake up again. I suddenly feel that all love and hatred seem so small and trivial in the
face of life. I even feel that I can let him and Zoe be together as long as he can survive this.’ While
speaking, Bob cried.

He might have felt slightly guilty toward Jay.

If he had known that such a serious accident would happen to Jay, he would have long told Jay that he
would retreat without any regrets as long as Zoe could be happy with Jay.

“Stop crying.” Sam handed him a tissue paper and consoled him, “Jay isn’t dead… Bah! He won’t die.
He may wake up in a few days. Don’t be so emotional.”

Bob used the tissue to wipe his tears. He found himself too embarrassed now.

As long as he thought of the unknown result that might befall John if he went there now… What if…

He could not control himself.

The four of them grew up together, so he did not want to lose anyone out of the blue.

After dinner, both Bob and Sam saw Cordy and John off at the door.

“Johnny, don’t forget that you owe Sam and me a meal.” Looking at John, Bob spoke seriously.

“Yes, I remember.” John made a promise. “I won’t break my word.”

“I’ll be waiting for you,’ Bob said loudly to their backs.

However, John did not turn around, and he merely gave Bob an okay gesture.

Bob left in an easy and carefree manner, and both Cordy and John got into the car again.

It was now 10.32 PM.

There were two and a half hours left before the time stipulated by Jessica.

The car was driven toward the destination.

It was very quiet in the car.

John whispered in Cordy’s ear, “Sleep for a while. We need an hour and twenty-five minutes to get

“Okay.” It was rare to see Cordy listen to him before she leaned against his chest.

She did not know if she would have the chance to lean against his chest again.

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