A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 544

He saw John’s bloodshot eyes.

John’s body was not in a very good condition since he had just come out of prison. Besides, he had
been burning the midnight oil all that while, so he was greatly exhausted. If that continued, Bob was
afraid that John would die a sudden death.

“Go and sleep for a while. It’s useless even if you hold on like this. Why don’t you take a brief rest?
Maybe you’ll have some ideas.” Bob tried to persuade John.

John shook his head before he looked toward Cordy.

He saw the weak and slim figure sitting before the computer motionlessly. She occasionally drew
something on the paper.

After Jessica called her and said so many threatening words, Cordy seemed to have calmed down all
of a sudden.

People would generally collapse under that kind of circumstance.

However, she suddenly calmed herself down.

She had been staring at the surveillance video and jotting things down seriously and repeatedly for as
long as twelve hours. After that, she speculated and eliminated unlikely things again and again.

She did not give up at all.

Bob looked in John’s direction.

When he saw Cordy’s behavior, he felt sorry for her.

People would feel sorrier for her if she tried to act stronger.

Sam yanked at Bob, wanting to stop the latter from disturbing them.

Of course, he could tell that both John and Cordy were at their limits, but they could not sleep now.
They would exhaust themselves vehemently instead of lying in bed with ease of mind.

They might as well risk their lives.

Even if the final result turned out to be bad… At least, they would feel less regretful.

The room became quiet again.

It was now 8 PM, and there were three hours left before the time demanded by Jessica.

Cordy finally moved her body slightly on her seat, and she got up.

When she had gotten to her feet, she fell forward.

She was dizzy as she sat there for too long but got up abruptly.

“Cordy.” John hugged her.

Cordy took less than two seconds before she immediately stood up.

She said to John, “I analyzed Jessica’s route. Let me tell you my doubts, ideas, and speculations.
Maybe we can find where she’s gone quicker.”


John led Cordy to the tea table at the side, and both Bob and Sam followed suit.

They huddled together.

Cordy then took out the paper she used to jot things down and elaborated,” I believe that Jessica had
planned beforehand since she wanted to come to North City. After all, the Stuart family watched her
closely. So, it means that she didn’t dare to make a fanfare. She had to take cover because the Stuart
family wouldn’t have let her do this. She’ll destroy everything including herself if she does this. She
doesn’t want to live. If she gives everything up, it means that the Stuart and Cranston families can’t
unite with a marriage. I mean to say that she’s not as complicated as we thought. She doesn’t have so
much time to prepare so thoroughly.”

John nodded, and both Bob and Sam agreed with it too.

They admired her because she could be so calm in the final five hours.

In the beginning, she was the most worried and perturbed one. Did it mean that being a mother made
one strong?

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