A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 542

There was sheer terror in Cordy’s eyes as she shrieked, “Dicky!” “Cordy,” John said, quickly wrapping
his arms around her and coaxing her,” Calm down. It’s John. I’m here. You were just having a bad

“No… Dicky…” Cordy’s tears began to gush nonetheless.

She just had a nightmare that Jessica pushed her boy off a cliff.

She tried to protect him but was unable to reach them in time, and she could only watch as Richard’s
tiny frame fell off the cliff amid Jesscia’s maniacal laughter.

“Wake up, Cordy,” John said, cupping her tearful cheeks.

He saw that the fear in her eyes was not fading, and there was no focus in her gaze.

Still, she blinked when she finally heard his voice.

“John. I just saw Dicky… but Jessica pushed him off a cliff…”

“That wont happen!” John told her determinedly. “I’ll save Dicky-1 wont let anything happen to her!”

“But…” Cordy murmured, though her eyes were finally starting to focus.

She could see John from up close, but she could not control her hysteria.

She could remember her nightmare, and it was just so vivid.

“Calm down, I’m here,” John said, gathering her firmly into his arms again.” I’ll protect you and Dicky.”

Cordy leaned on his chest and listened to the powerful thump of his heartbeat, the regular rhythm
calming her slightly just then.

But at that very moment, John’s phone started to ring.

Cordy just started to calm down for a moment, but she was soon on her toes again, like a cat put
through a desperate situation.

John kept one arm around her to comfort her while the other picked up the phone and saw the
unregistered number.

His heart’s rhythm turned irregular just then.

Cordy looked up at his phone too, and when she saw the number, she knew by instinct that it was

She watched as John worked hard to stay calm despite his shaking hands, and he answered the call.

“Hello?” he asked calmly, his tone no different from usual.

Cordy would never have noticed that John was nervous if she was not leaning against his chest-his
heart was threatening to jump out of his chest!

“You knew it’s me? How smart of you.” Jessica’s voice could be heard from the other end, and there
was a hint of smugness.

“Where’s Dicky?” he asked, not wasting his breath and cutting to the chase.

“He’s asleep,” Jessica replied nonchalantly. “It’s been a long day, and he’s still too young to travel long
distances. He fell asleep in no time at all.”

“What did you do to him?” John asked, his fingers unwittingly clenching on his phone.

“What would I do to him? I’ve always treated him as my own son and given him best since he was a
baby. What did you think I’d do?”

“What do you want?” John asked bluntly, not interested in sparring words with her.

He knew perfectly well that Jessica was relishing in the delight of tormenting him.

However, she was suddenly agitated as she started to rant, “What do you think I want?! I loved you so
much, John, only for you to do my family dirty like this! Doesn’t your conscience hurt?!”

“It’s just self-defense. I’d never have to come this far if your family didn’t scapegoat me.”

“Hah! You can trick judges with that, not me!” Jessica scoffed. “Do you think I don’t know you after
hovering around you for years? Or maybe you haven’t played enough games after my bodyguard led
you on a wild goose chase?!’

John was glowering.

He really would have lost it and murdered Jessica if she were in front of him right now, even if he had to
pay for it with his life!

“You only did it for Cordy’s sake, so that you don’t have to marry me! You knew that my family could
never afford to have something like that come to light! So what if we used you as our scapegoat?!
Would something you’d never notice hurt you, let alone affect you?! I hate you, John!”

“Then come at me!” John snarled loudly and clearly. “Where are you now?! I’ll let you have your

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