A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 540

Cordy quietly shook her head and held on tightly to John’s hand as she led him out of the dilapidated

They returned to the car and sat together in silence.

When he turned toward her, he saw that her whole body was still shaking, just as she had when she
hugged him in the warehouse.

He had no idea if she was shaking because his savagery scared her or if she was still worried about

“Jessica did this on purpose,” he said, attempting to break the deathly silence.

Cordy looked up at him and nodded.

When she could not find Richard in the warehouse, she knew Jessica had tricked them.

Jessica was never stupid, and having followed John around for years, she would more or less know
how he operated.

Everything Jessica had done today was a purposeful retaliation.

“Let’s check the footage again when we get back, see if we find anything/ John added.

Cordy nodded quietly.

Eventually, they returned to Cordy’s apartment.

Sam and Bob hurried to them when they saw them return, but they did not ask questions since they
could tell from their looks that it had been a fruitless journey.

Cordy returned to her laptop and watched the footage with every bit of attention she had, trying to
pinpoint where Jessica got out of the car.

However, traffic cameras had too many blind spots, and trying to judge where Jessica went with those
was simply outrageous.

Even so, Cordy kept telling herself not to give up-Jessica would not be familiar with North City’s traffic
layout, let alone pinpoint security blind spots. There was no way she could stay in those blind spots by
sheer coincidence, and they might be able to find it if they looked carefully…

“Cordy.” John’s quiet voice spoke beside her ear.

Cordy turned and saw that his eyes were bloodshot-he definitely did not sleep well in the detention

It was already midnight, but she could not bring herself to tell him to rest.

“Here. You should eat something,” John said, passing her a bowl of oatmeal that he ordered.

“I’m not feeling an appetite,’ she said.

She had not drunk a sip of water the entire day, let alone had anything to eat.

“Eat,” John coaxed her mildly nonetheless. “There’s no telling how long this would take, and your
health takes priority.”

Cordy blinked, understanding that John was right just then.

There was no telling how long Jessica would harass them for, and she had this feeling that John really
liked this sort of game-tormenting them with sickening cruelty.

Cordy took the bowl of oatmeal from John, and she saw that the back of his hand was red and swollen.

He must have hurt himself from punching that man too hard.

With his hand being so skinny now, the gruesome swelling was especially conspicuous.

“You need to get that bandaged, John,” she rasped, as it hurt her throat to speak now.

The day had been one filled with tribulations, and all the stress seemed to press down on her throat.

“It’s alright.”

“You said health takes priority,” she said, staring fixedly at him

Right now, they could only depend on each other, and neither of them must fall or the other would fall
into pieces right then and there.

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