A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 532

“More or less.”

Cordy did not want to make her happiness obvious, as she was selfishly convinced that only John was
allowed to see it.

“Well, I’m afraid I have to be a killjoy,” Patrick said, his tone clearly serious just then.

Cordy frowned slightly, but it was enough for John to notice that reaction and stare fixedly at her.

“You see, I have news: Jessica is missing,” Patrick said very clearly then.

“Missing?” Cordy’s heart skipped a beat, as if something horrible would happen.

“After John exposed Jessica’s side of the family at his trial, they, along with my grandfather and myself
were brought in to assist with the investigation. James was placed under arrest since there was enough
evidence against him, but when William, my grandfather, and myself were released, the authorities
informed us that Jessica went missing the instant they moved to arrest her, and was told that she was
not in Rocktown.”

“Maybe she went to the capital?” Cordy asked-that was where Fred Cranston was, and Jessica might
have gone to him.

“No. She left for North City, actually,” Patrick admitted. “The authorities just found out that she arrived at
North City yesterday, and I suspected that she was attending John’s trial.”

“No, she wasn’t there,” Cordy said confidently, since she never saw Jessica today.

“Just giving you a head’s up. Also, William’s side of the family is now down and out, in both business
and politics. I must admit that John’s move was absolutely breathtaking. You have to know that my
grandfather had tried everything: tripling our efforts in business, baiting them, planting incriminating
evidence… But nothing seemed to work on William. John, on the other hand, just needed a couple
months to utterly destroy the man.”

Cordy could tell that Patrick was earnestly impressed by John.

“If you don’t mind, would you try asking if he’d like to work for me, now that Levine Ventures is
liquidated?” Patrick asked, and assured Cordy, “There’s nothing to worry. I’d never treat my savior

“I thought I’m your savior?” Cordy asked, raising a brow.

Politicians were certainly pragmatic, weren’t they?

“That said, you’d have no hope. He’s too busy,” Cordy added, rejecting the offer immediately.

Patrick did not press the issue either.

Generational talents like John were extremely rare. If Patrick was interested, others would be too.

And the fact that Sean came in as a prosecutor for the trial, many things could be understood without
much explanation.

Cordy hung up then and told John. “It was Patrick. He’s saying that Jessica is here in North City.”

John’s eyes narrowed. ‘She wasn’t arrested?”


“Did you see her today?”

“Nope,” Cordy replied.

John’s face fell and there was a flash of worry in his eyes as he quickly asked, “Where’s Dicky?”

The question left Cordy’s face falling too.

She answered with a quivering voice, “H-He’s in school…” “Let’s go there right now.” John was decisive
right then and told Cordy,” Call Dicky’s teacher right now. Tell her not to let anyone take him away.”

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