A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 522

Quinn was dead set that Sam should properly reflect on his behavior, and her voice calm as she spoke.
“Think about it.’

To be precise, she was indifferent toward Sam-as she always had been.

She tried to open the door again, and when she could not, she snapped,” Could you please open the
door? I’m getting off-Ah!”

She yelped as she felt a tremendous pressure on her arm—Sam had suddenly pulled her with brute
strength towards himself, and she landed squarely on his stiff chest.

It hurt, but even before she could resist or free herself, Sam’s face descended on hers, and he bit down
viciously on her lips.

The pain left her tears rolling right then, just as she could taste blood.

But Sam was not letting her go and continued to vent all his fury on her body.

After a long while-and Quinn had no way of telling how long-Sam finally pulled away, his haze still icy
as he watched her lips dyed with a stark redness and the spot where he bit her smudged with

“Does it hurt?” he asked her then.

Quinn pursed her lips, but stayed silent.

“That’s right. Hurts, doesn’t it?” Sam asked, since he never expected a response from her. “You
wouldn’t be able to know how I feel otherwise…”

Quinn laughed coolly.

His feelings were hurt? Just from a couple words?!

He just would not grow up, and the Saunders really should not pin their hopes on him.

It would be a waste of their time and hers.

She should never have convinced herself that he could change or given him time in hopes that he
would grow up.

At the same time, she did not resist him since she knew him all too well.

If he set his mind on something, whatever she said or did was pointless, and she did not want to waste
her strength.

She was simply choosing to bear with him without giving in to his whims.

She never thought about having a child again after mentioning it to him, only to be interrupted by Ryan

She had explained it to Sam’s parents that she could not change Sam’s mind, and they proved
understanding. They started to pressure him instead of her, but he naturally ignored them like he
always would.

And after so long, and Quinn had already completely forgotten about it, it was happening…

As she felt her seat being lowered and Sam moving on top of her, he suddenly asked, “Does it hurt,

No, it did not.

There was nothing painful about this-she was already accustomed to anything he would throw at her.

If she bore any grievance toward him, there would be no end to it.

The journalist was right-she was cheapening herself by surrendering herself to him.

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