A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 523

“Are those tears I see?”

Sam was watching as Quinn’s tears trickled off the corner of her eyes.

Quinn blinked.

She believed herself jaded—that she would never shed tears in front of Sam.

But she never felt her own tears welling out of her eyes.

“I thought you wanted to have a child with me? What are you crying for?’ Sam asked.

“It’s just tears of joy,’ Quinn retorted flatly.

“Hah!” Sam chuckled. “You’re disgusting, Quinn.”

She certainly felt the same way about him, but there was no helping it when fate had set their paths

They were just two disgusting individuals, bound to disgust each other now.

He asked her then, ‘ Who am I?”

“Sam Saunders,” she said, clearly restraining herself.

“Good,” Sam growled, and bit her viciously on the earlobe. “So remember- you’re mine and mine

Quinn smiled coolly despite herself.

Yes, he was the first man she had, but she was just one of countless women he had.

She had no idea what it was about herself that seemed to wound Sam so thoroughly and make him
despite her so much.

Likewise, she did not know why he wanted to torment her like this!

When it was all over, Quinn asked, “Can I go now?”

Sam’s fingers clenched on the steering wheel.

“I value my life,” Quinn explained, still traumatized by his reckless driving just now.

“Don’t test me, Quinn,” Sam growled. “You know that I have so many women, but not one has ever
dared to declare herself a favorite.’

“I’m well aware,” Quinn replied, determined.

They remained in a standoff for minutes until the door lock was suddenly released.

Sam gave in.

“Thank you,” Quinn said and got out of the car.

The instant she closed the door, the car sped away instantly without a second’s delay.

Watching as Sam drove off at such breakneck speed, Quinn was convinced that her decision was right.

She certainly was not convinced that he would be lucky enough to avoid a car accident every time.
What if she was in the car when his luck ran out?!

She looked up at the skies and saw that it looked like it was going to rain.

The gloominess overhead certainly reflected her mood.

It turned out that she was not that indifferent about being deflowered.

Sam left Quinn behind and drove away without a care or even looking back through the rearview mirror.

He was worried to see relief in her eyes, that if he could not stop himself from turning back to get her,
he would have to drop his tough guy act.

As such, he kept driving ahead for a long while…

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