A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 529

“So, you’re convinced that Jessica wasn’t aware that her family was prepared to make me their
scapegoat?” John asked the journalist in return. “Even when I was still abroad, she was the one in
charge of every foreign account Stuart Holdings owned.’

“Are you saying that Jessica loved you but was not shying away from using you as a scapegoat too?”
The journalist was certainly quick on his feet.

“Who knows?” John shrugged, refusing to give a direct answer. “You should be asking Jessica that

“In any case, the truth is out-the Stuarts would soon have their comeuppance, while your relationship
with Ms. Sachs can finally bloom!’ the journalist exclaimed. “Congratulations!”

“Thank you.” Both Cordy and John appeared cordial just then.

“Can you offer some insights to your relationship? Ms. Sachs, were you happy back when Mr. Levine
got engaged with Jessica? Were you supportive of him doing this to defend himself?’

“Absolutely not,’ Cordy said loudly and clearly, not hiding her displeasure.” He never told me why he’d
allow himself to be engaged to Jessica.”

“I was worried you’d never believe me, and it might even expose you to danger,” John explained.

“No, you treated me as if I weren’t your ally-like I’m going to rat you out.”

“Don’t be such an ingrate, Cordy! Can’t you see the state I’m in right now?!”

“What, are you missing any limbs?’

“I can’t hold you if I were.”

“You…” Cordy simply could not beat John at banter. He always had something!

The journalists around them could only watch, unable to butt in at all.

For the first time, they were silent as they watched them squabble flirtatiously, feeling really left out just

“Don’t you know why I set it up so that I was arrested at the wedding?’ John asked Cordy then, huffing.

“You just wanted the whole country to know that you’ve been arrested, so that the trial against you
could not be covered up and go on without a hitch. Don’t bother telling me that you were doing it for my
benefit when the entire nation was watching, you sly old fox.”

“Sh*t!” John snapped, actually cursing out loud just then. “I knew I shouldn’t have chosen such a smart

The journalists laughed then-it turned out no matter how aloof or haughty a man could be, the love and
tenderness in his eyes could never be concealed.

It was a rare occasion to have such a peaceful interview.

Cordy then said, “Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve answered most of your questions. If you could
please make way-John would now need to head home and recuperate since he’s in poor shape.”

The journalists traded glances and suddenly cleared a path.

They had asked most of the questions they wanted anyway, and the news was such a bombshell they
needed to have a draft ready soon-every second counted.

John and Cordy returned to her car, with one of her bodyguards driving while the other riding shotgun.
John and Cordy sat in the backseat, while the other two bodyguards were in the other car behind.

“Patrick Stuart arranged them for you?” John asked, looking upset as he glanced between the four

“He’s concerned about my safety,” Cordy said bluntly. “Who knows when Jessica would lose it and
come after me again?”

John decided to bear with it despite being discontented.

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