A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 528

Thank goodness they had not left! The reporters would miss their exclusive headlines otherwise!

There was no doubt that Cordy and John’s appearance immediately sent the journalists into a frenzy,
and they quickly surrounded the couple.

Cordy’s four bodyguards were actually all waiting outside the courthouse throughout, but they kept their
distance since they were not that tactless they would interrupt her tender moment with John.

When they hurried forward to help when they saw Cordy being mobbed by the journalists, Cordy gave
them a look, stopping them.

Today, she actually wanted to have a proper talk with the press.

“Mr. Levine, seeing that you’re leaving the courthouse while holding hands with Ms. Sachs… could this
mean what we think it means?”

“Mr. Levine, it was a beautifully executed reversal at the trial. Could you give us a word on how you feel
right now?’

“Mr. Levine, are you in a relationship with Ms. Sachs? What about Jessica Stuart?”

They were so rowdy John and Cordy had trouble hearing their questions, though Cordy spoke before
John could. “Please, calm down for a moment. We’ll answer any questions you have, so there’s no
rush. Also, please keep your distance-John’s health has been deteriorating prior to this trial, so please
step back and give him some space.”

Even as she spoke, she moved to stand before him, shielding him.

The journalists heard her and politely took a step back.

After setting enough distance between them and the couple, one of the journalist joked, “You’re
certainly protective of your better half, Ms. Sachs.”

Everyone laughed, and while Cordy blushed a little, she did not deny it either. “I guess so.”

The journalists were left in an uproar.

“So you’re saying that you two are dating, Ms. Sachs?” one of them asked loudly.

“We’re engaged,” John corrected him sternly. “She just proposed to me.”

“Ms. Sachs proposed? Does that mean she took the initiative in this relationship, Mr. Levine?” The
journalist gasped in surprise.

“Certainly not!” John said seriously. “I’ve loved her for almost a decade. Are you doubting my feelings
for her?!”

“A decade? But you and Ms. Sachs…”

“Let me put it to you this way-Cordy is the mother of my son Richard Levine,” John announced loudly
and clearly then.

It was a bombshell that stopped the journalists from asking questions for an instant.

Cordy was the mother of John’s son?

Unbelievable! When did that happen? The child was just seven, at most!

“I won’t elaborate on the entire story,” John added then. “What everyone needs to know is that we have
feelings for each other. As for my engagement with Jessica Stuart, it was just a political marriage I was
unable to turn down.”

In other words, the only person John ever loved was Cordy!

Then, John said shortly, “I’m sure you also want details about the trial, but it was just a process I went
through to maintain my personal rights legally and to bring certain criminal elements to justice. It was
nothing all that impressive, and I only managed to gather so much evidence to clear my name because
that crime I was almost scapegoated for had unquestionably been committed.”

“But don’t you think you’ve been ungrateful, Mr. Levine?” another journalist asked. “The Stuarts have
been more than kind to you, even willingly having Jessica betrothed to you!”

“And you have no moral principles, do you?” John retorted bluntly, leaving the journalist blushing and
embarrassed even as he continued to ask, “Do you think I would side with someone who tried to make
me a scapegoat? Or maybe I look like such a willing fool to you?”

Pausing for a moment, John then repeated, “The Stuarts only ever considered me a tool, and I simply
used them in turn to achieve my own ends, which in turn saved my own life and possessions.”

The same journalist braced himself right then to ask, “What about Jessica? We understand that she
was genuinely in love with you, but you’d still willingly hurt her? Judging from what you said, you were
just using her feelings for you!”

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