A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 517

Chapter 517

Cordy blushed even harder, but that was not what she meant!

She was just worried about John’s health. He looked so frail a gust could knock him

off his feet, and he was definitely in no shape to drink!

Fortunately, Sam did not keep harassing Cordy and changed the subject.” That said,

Johnny still gave up Levine Ventures just to take down the Stuarts… Don’t you think

it’s a little too costly? It took several generations for Levines to establish its success,

but Johnny is abandoning it just like that? Doesn’t he regret it?”

“His grandfather would probably be hurting.” Bob sighed.

Cordy sat beside them in silence, since all of that more or less has something to do

with her.

Quinn was sharp enough to pick up on Cordy’s feelings and turned towards Sam and

Bob, snapping, “That’s enough. We’re still in a courtroom-keep it down.”

Sam shot her a look in turn and growled in displeasure, “The court is in recess and

you’re not in charge here. Why do you care if I talk?”

“Can’t you show some tact?” Quinn shot back, barely holding back.

“How am I tactless? Was I being loud? Someone was even thrown out just now, but

was I?” Sam snapped with righteous indignation, rude to Quinn as he had always


Those who did not know would think that they were enemies, not spouses.

Quinn was scowling in turn, whereas Bob tugged at Sam’s sleeve. “That’s enough.

Quinn is right-just be quiet. The courtroom is a serious place.”

Sam rose to his feet and started to leave right then.

“Where are you going? The trial isn’t over yet,” Bob asked, watching Sam as he left.

“For a smoke,” Sam snapped. “Or I’m going to smoke someone.”

Once he strode off, none of those remained spoke, leaving things a little awkward.

Still, Cora could not help asking Bob, “Aren’t they married? Sam and Quinn, I mean?”

She was basically whispering softly into Bob’s ear, who did not hold back from

explaining, “They’re not friendly, to say the least. You know political marriages can be

unsentimental, but you shouldn’t take Sam’s attitude toward Quinn at face value…

He’s just trying to make his presence known, y’know?”

Cora was surprised, and Bob quickly added, “As long as you get it. Sam is a sucker

for appearances, so don’t expose him.”

“Okay,” Cora replied tamely.

Cordy inadvertently noticed them being chummy and felt a little repulsed just then.

However, when she remembered Zoe was the one who asked Bob for a break up,

Bob had every right to start a new relationship.

Even so, where had Zoe gone? And what was happening to her?!

Soon, Judge Rackham and the panel of judges returned.

Everyone became silent as the bailiff announced, “All rise.”

Everyone stood up, and Judge Rackham started to announce the final verdict.

Cordy knew that the outcome would be ideal, but she became nervous just then.

She held her breath, staring at John and not Judge Rackham, and saw that John was

looking at him too.

His gaze calmed her considerably.

“After conferring, the panel of judges have agreed on a verdict that there is no

evidence of the defendant’s involvement in market manipulation, money laundering,

and blackmail. While he had resorted to radical measures to invade the privacy of

others, that is not within the jurisdiction of this court to judge. In lieu of that, the

defendant shall be released, cleared of all charges!”

At those words, the courtroom once again erupted in raucous applause.

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