A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 515

Chapter 515

Sean nodded in acknowledgment again. “Doing whatever you could in that situation

was indeed your best option.’

John nodded.

“Fortunately, just keeping an eye on Jessica and James alone was enough to cover

the truth,” he said, and started to connect the dots. “The first recording of Wade Jonas

and James my lawyer had shown was actually obtained by having a hacker accessing

Wade’s phone, after which I singled out James as my target. There, I found the fake

IP and dummy account he had under my name, and extracted the list of victims, after

which I found the money trail through their bank account notifications on their phone

and found the money. Lastly, I used my connection to the Stuarts to find the video

evidence I needed.”

After that, he admitted, “When all of that was done, I anonymously reported the


The courtroom was once again left in an uproar once he said that.

This had to be a first case of its kind, and would definitely make the history books

especially since it was a successful case!

“Order!” Judge Rackham banged his gavel, demanding silence.

Sean in turn asked John again, “You were the anonymous tip?”

“Yes,” John replied. “Once I had gathered all the evidence needed, I reported it to the

prosecutor’s office.”

“But why would you report the crime on yourself?’ Sean pressed. ‘When you have

definitive proof that none of this has anything to do with yourself? N

“Because that’s the only way to make them lower their guard before the truth can be

revealed,” John explained. ‘I was concerned that there would be a cover-up as soon

as I submitted all the evidence that was presented earlier instead of showing it in a

courtroom, to the public. This was the only way for me to protect myself while bringing

the true culprits to justice.”

At those words, the whole courtroom applauded John to no end, acknowledging his


One could imagine how much influence the Stuarts command, given the boldness of

their crimes. Not only would John fail to achieve anything if he submitted the evidence

to court before his trial, but they might even silence him-the only way to deceive them

was for John to scapegoat himself.

His wisdom was certainly awe-inspiring.

“There is no question that what the defendant has done achieved the best outcome

imaginable. However, his private investigation had also violated multiple laws, which is

impermissible under the laws of our nations.”

Sean spoke loudly and clearly, once again causing the atmosphere to stiffen.

As everyone turned toward him, he continued, “Invasion of personal privacy and

installing illegal security equipment… you would have to face the law’s judgment for all

those violations.”

“Objection!” Toby snapped right then. “My client’s actions serve as justified selfdefense, and it is not
subject to punishment.”

Sean did not press the issue. “I’m merely stating my perspective on this issue. As

always, it’s the judges who hold the final verdict. I have no more questions, Your


“You may return to your table,” Judge Rackham said. “Do you have more to add,

defense counsel?”

“Yes, Your Honor,” Toby nodded.

“You may proceed.”

Toby walked up to Wade and Hunter then.

Despite all the concrete evidence against them, they had yet to confess.

“Mr. Jonas, Mr. Stevenson. I’m sure you have seen all the evidence we have

presented,” Toby said. “There is no question of your criminal connection with James

Stuart. Now, as you sit within this courtroom of the nation’s Supreme Court, I hope

you can be honest. The judge may in turn consider leniency should you be earnest in

your admission of guilt.”

Both Wade and Hunter had long since turned pale as a sheet, but they also knew that

lies were unnecessary now

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